the medical tourism n.
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The Medical Tourism PowerPoint Presentation
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The Medical Tourism

The Medical Tourism

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The Medical Tourism

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  1. The Medical Tourism The Meditour

  2. What Is Medical Tourism? Travelling across international borders to obtain health care is medical tourism.

  3. About The Meditour • Managed by experienced medical doctor and IT professionals with vast experience in healthcare services. • Specially focused on best quality, affordable cost and prompt treatment. Our partner hospitals and medical centers are amongst the largest, most trusted and internationally accredited. • Telemedicine tools: We help patient to decide the best and suitable service provider, treatment option and medical advices during treatment and follow up. • Personalized Services during stay.

  4. Advantage – The Meditour • Founded and managed by experienced medical doctor and IT professionals with vast experience in healthcare services. • Tools of Telemedicine, ehealth, web conferencing which works for us and make the process more secure and fast. • Provide trained manpower to carry patient right from his country. • Air Ambulance services available to lift and carry patient to suitable hospitals. • Post treatment follow up using telemedicine tools.

  5. Other Management

  6. The Meditour - Services • Medical Services: Leading hospitals and doctors in our panel. Pre-treatment and follow up using telemedicine tools. • Travel Services: Providing visa, flight, insurance and local condition advice. • Personalized Service: Patients are greeted upon arrival at the airport by The Meditour executive. Air-conditioned transportation, accommodation, local conveyances etc. are provided for the duration of the stay. • Insurance: Arrangement with corporate and government agencies can be made to provide cash less medical services. • Leisure: We offer multiple options for your leisure. • Value added services: like Laptop, Internet, Mobile etc. We can also convey Patient’s health status to relatives and friends back home.

  7. How MT Works • STEP 1: Visit thoroughly • STEP 2: Find out more information : Send us questions asking for more information or any clarification. • STEP 3: Registration: Register as a patient. There is no charge for it. • STEPS 4: Submission of Medical Data and reports • STEP 5: Interpretation of your medical data; receive our expert’s opinion. • STEP 6: Case discussion with our affiliated hospitals • STEP 7: Online consultation with the doctor using Telemedicine tools

  8. How MT Works - 2 • STEP 8: Decision making • STEP 9: Your Itinerary; we will confirm your procedure(s), consulting doctors, hospitals and hotel accommodation and submit an itinerary for your review and finalisation. • STEP 10: Pre-travel information: we will provide you information which will help you plan and execute your trip properly.  • STEP 11: Arrive in India: Personalised service by our executive • STEP 12: Consultation with medical team • STEP 13: Treatment • STEP 14: Rejuvenation/ travel • STEP 15: Return home: We will follow you up for medical follow up.

  9. India Advantage • Cheapest of any of the world medical tourism destinations • Equal or better of the other major destinations in terms of quality • In recent years Indian hospitals invested heavily in infrastructure, equipments to make it globally competitive • Many hospitals are accredited by JCI, ISO, NABH etc. • English is widely spoken and understood in India • Convenient, inexpensive non-stop or one-stop flights to India • Hub for various alternative medicines like Aurvedic and Homeopathic medicine • Numerous rejuvenate centers, exotic spas and yoga center • India is popular and exciting destination for tourism.

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