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90-Day No Credit Check Financing PowerPoint Presentation
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90-Day No Credit Check Financing

90-Day No Credit Check Financing

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90-Day No Credit Check Financing

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  1. Introducing a NEW 90 Day No Credit Check Financing Program! Introducing ARCNet Business Owners How many customers walk out your door or reduce the amount of goods or services they purchase or need because they don’t have good credit and they don’t have the money today? Now you can help them and help yourself…….

  2. Who is ARCNet? Leader in the Check Protection Industry Due to the current economic conditions, Global Check has joined with Visa to create ARCNet, a low cost program and solution to help dentists utilize their check clearinghouse system without buying expensive equipment. Established in 1995, Global Check proudly services thousands of quality, reputable businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada. Global Check and Visa provide the ability to run a customer’s check across multiple platforms to make sure they aren’t writing bad checks and guarantee payment for your goods or services. Better Business Bureau Rating of “A+”

  3. Get Started Today! Business Owner Benefits Increase Your Business! • No Risk – We GUARANTEE Payments 100% • No Equipment to Buy or Lease • No Long Term Contracts • No Time Wasted – 85-90% Approval Rate • No Income Loss – We DO NOT take a Percentage • Immediate Impact – Use it upon Signup • Continuous Cash Flow – Electronic Deposits • Gain a Competitive Advantage in a Tough Market A+ Rating with the BBB

  4. Get Started Today! How it Works A Very Simple Process 1) Offer your Customer 90 Days No Credit Check Financing and collect: Proof of Income Copy of Valid ID Post Dated Checks 2) Enter your customer’s information into our online system and receive approval. 3) Staple all the above to agreement and file in a safe space. 4) You will receive funds within 24-72 hours after the date of the check. The average is 36 hours, due to weekends and holidays. No Credit Checks for the Business Owner! No Credit Checks for your Customer!

  5. Get Started Today! Details on Approvals and Process 85–90% of your Customers will be Approved! When you submit a customer’s information for approval, you will receive one of the following responses: G = Approved and Guaranteed V = Approved but Not Guaranteed D = Declined • Before you decline (or void) a V approval, consider this: • Global Check will still attempt to collect on any bad check and only 3 to 4% of checks bounce…. • 99% of all bad checks are collected because it is a felony to write a bad check above $50…so almost all checks get covered even if takes a few weeks to resolve. Consider more money down to cover cost of goods!

  6. Get Started Today! What are the Fees for this Program? Business Owner Fees $395 One Time Setup $ 15 Monthly Service $ .30 cents per Check Customer Fees $35 Setup 7.5% of Total Purchase Very Low Startup Cost No Special Equipment Electronic Deposits Convenient

  7. Get Started Today! How do I Get Started? Contact Global Check Services 266 S Magnolia Ave Suite 201 El Cajon, CA 92022 303-997-2236 (Local) Business Owners…...How much could you Increase your Business if you offered your customers 90 Day NO CREDIT CHECK Financing on your products or services?!