what should you look out while you outsource your n.
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Property Management

Property Management

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Property Management

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  1. What Should You Look Out While You Outsource Your Property to Manage – A Checklist - Homeshikari

  2. PropertyManagement! Property Management is one of the most demanding services of the decade in the Real estate industry. Managing a property involves monitoring the property & taking accountability for the property. There are many property management companies to take good care of your property, assets of the property as well as to maintain the property. But, how do you begin? First note down the list of assets & inventories of your property. Make a “must do list” that needs to be covered in regular inspections. Add “adhocto-do list” for random check. As an owner you know what is essential and the order of priority.

  3. Creating an inventory for the property Here are checklist items you can have your property management company monitor, Checking if the house roofing and drainage systems are well in place. Checking if the gates, walls and fences are well in order. In case anything requires a repair or rework, the property manager can report to the owner and take necessary actions with their consent. Checking the plumbing lines of the house. In case of leakage, looking for a plumber or vendor to fix the same.  Regular pest control measures – scheduled clean up and pesticide control. If you have valuable articles in your home, it is highly recommended to have your property manager to go for a room by room walkthrough. Checking if there is any garbage dumping take place in the vicinity of the house Check & change (if necessary) light fixtures

  4. Other things we do: Apart from monitoring the checklist, here is what we do for our far away property owners; Taking pictures of the property – Property Management companies take pictures of property and compare them with previous visits. It is an ideal way to keep a check on the property inventories and it would be easy to find missing things on the premises. Geo tagging the property - This helps in locating the property whenever needed to ensure that one visit is made to the designated property only Fencing of the property – Property inspectors check if the property is fenced and bordered properly. This is to ensure and prevent illegal crossovers and encroachments on the property. Putting sign boards on the property – the inspectors also put a sign board to prevent trespassing the property.

  5. For more custom audits & property management services, please reach out to the team of expert managers at