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Top Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

If you want to install vinyl flooring then you can go through this presentation where you can found top advantages of Vinyl Flooring.

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Top Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

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  1. Top Advantages of Vinyl Flooring https://zothexflooring.com/vinyl/

  2. 5 Advantages of Vinyl Flooring • Low Maintenance • Water Resistance • Reasonable • Durability • Ease of Installation

  3. Low Maintenance • Vinyl flooring is relatively easy to care for. You have to make sure that dirt is kept swept free to maintain the surface of the floor. • Then, you can use a damp mop and an approved vinyl floor cleaner to remove stains.

  4. Water Resistance • A well-installed vinyl floor is almost resistent to water penetration, making this the perfect material for use in a bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, or other high moisture space in the home.

  5. Reasonable • Vinyl tiles are inexpensive and it can cost as little as fifty cents per square foot. • It is a very high-end premium vinyl materials that can cost as much as ten dollars per square foot, though this is still less expensive than premium flooring choices, such as stone.

  6. Durability • Vinyl is generally considered to be a highly durable material. • Vinyl tiles are homogenous, with colors permeating every layer—a feature that makes them more resistant to damage from scratches.

  7. Ease of Installation • Vinyl tiles and vinyl plank flooring are relatively easy to install. • It is possible to do this project yourself, but you may want to have a professional prepare the subfloor for you.

  8. SOURCE: https://zothexflooring.com/vinyl/

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