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How to Set Up a Platform for Freelance Outsourcing? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Set Up a Platform for Freelance Outsourcing?

How to Set Up a Platform for Freelance Outsourcing?

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How to Set Up a Platform for Freelance Outsourcing?

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  1. How to Set Up a Platform for Freelance Outsourcing? Build the freelance business empire and reach global network

  2. About Freelancing Industry The industry of freelancing has experienced a tremendous increase over the past few years. Perhaps this is due to the fact that freelancing work gives the worker the opportunity to choose the work that they love and receive a generous payment for their hard work. One of the biggest challenges of running a freelancing website is to connect the best freelancer to the right employer. You may help them by developing a platform that is appropriate for their needs. Setting up a platform might be difficult, but it is a lucrative process. ❖ ❖ ❖

  3. PickGeeks - Freelance Script ClonesCloud has developed an Open Source Freelance Script that will help you kick-start your Freelance outsourcing platform. PickGeeks is a Freelancer Clone Script that helps you to build a platform which works similar to freelancer website. Besides, It is an innovative and 100% Customizable script that can help to build your outsourcing marketplace website according to your specification and requirements. ❖ ❖

  4. A Detailed Outline of the Freelance Script According to the experts, the growth that this industry is experiencing, will continue to increase in the upcoming few years. The comfort and the flexibility in the work that provides are desirable not only for the workers but also for the entrepreneurs. In order to take advantage of it, you may use a freelancer clone to launch your outsourcing platform easily. Here are some of the essential features that should be incorporated in your freelancing website. ❖ ❖

  5. A Detailed Profile To help the entrepreneurs in their hiring process, the profile of the freelancer should be packed with necessary information that will help the project owners decide on their recruitment process. The project owners would often hire freelancers with ample details on their profile. Their profiles are like their resumes that contain their general information, educational background, work experience, samples of their past works and other necessary information. Your Freelancer Clone should also contain a refined profile of the project owner and freelancers as well. This is necessary when they are assessing the work of their freelancer, listing the requirements on their project, providing the payment and rewarding the freelancer for a good job. ❖ ❖ ❖

  6. Skills Test Your Freelance script should also contain test modules that will measure the skills of the workers in particular areas. This self-assessment tool can be used by the project owners in gauging the skills of the freelancers. It will help them determine if the freelancer is the right guy for the project. With regards to the freelancer, it is an opportunity to showcase their expertise. It is also a chance for them to improve their skills on the area where they are lacking. ❖ ❖

  7. The Ability to Set Milestones and Deadlines The ability to set the deadline and the milestone in the project will help the freelancer choose the job that is relevant for them. By having an idea about the deadline, they can also estimate if they have the time to complete the work. This makes your Freelancer Clone more flexible, convenient and seamless. By offering these features on your Open Source Freelance Script, you will open an unrestricted connection between the project owners and the freelancers. This will lead to a viable source of income. With the clone script of ClonesCloud, you will be able to penetrate the freelancing industry with ease. ❖ ❖

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