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Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace Module by Knowband PowerPoint Presentation
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Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace Module by Knowband

Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace Module by Knowband

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Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace Module by Knowband

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  1. Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace Module by Knowband What is Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model? Nowadays people are looking for nearby delivery services to get their product delivered in the shortest possible time and it is where the Hyperlocal Marketplace model comes into play. A Hyperlocal Service Marketplace is an online marketplace for a local geographical area. In a Hyperlocal Marketplace, customers can check product availability and the delivery time. All the sellers listed at the Marketplace will be specific to the location and delivery time. How does Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model work? Sellers upload their inventory on the Hyperlocal Marketplace. Customers browse items and buy them. Customers can make their payment either online or cash on delivery. Sellers on receiving the order at the Marketplace start the packing. Order is picked by the delivery agent and delivered to the customer's

  2. doorstep. In a Hyperlocal Service Marketplace, the order is processed quickly and provided to the customer in the short span of time. Steps to build Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery Marketplace? If you are Prestashop Shop owner and are planning to build a hyperlocal Marketplace but are worried about the technicality while building the marketplace. Then Knowband has an easy solution for you. Knowband offers Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model to convert your Prestashop store into Hyperlocal multi-vendor marketplace in 3 simple steps. 1.Go to Knowband store and buy Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplaceaddon. 2.Unzip the Prestashop Hyperlocal E-commerce Marketplace. 3.Install and configure the module. Prime Features offered by Prestashop Marketplace Hyperlocal System by Knowband 1. Smooth Installation 2. Multiple online payments 3. Filtration types 4. Multiple zip-codes 5. Delivery charges 6. Quick delivery 7. Single Dashboards 8. Subscription plans 9. Mobile app compatibility

  3. 10. Alert System 11. Tracking System 12. Multi-lingual compatibility. To know in details about the Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace refer to the User Guide. Related Links: Admin Demo Front Demo In case of query related to Prestashop Hyperlocal Service Marketplace module, reach us on