prestashop product jackpot addon by knowband n.
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Prestashop Product Jackpot Addon by Knowband PowerPoint Presentation
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Prestashop Product Jackpot Addon by Knowband

Prestashop Product Jackpot Addon by Knowband

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Prestashop Product Jackpot Addon by Knowband

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  1. Prestashop Product Jackpot addon by Knowband Let your customers play unlimited and win more free products from your store. Jackpot module adds a responsive and fun element to the website which gives a compelling reason to the store customers for visiting their eCommerce store, consequently leading to an increase in customer visits on the website. When the user once plays and wins the jackpot product, they are encouraged to purchase a desired product from the store in order to redeem the jackpot product. Hence, Prestashop jackpot addon boosts the store conversions and website retention rates as well.

  2. Let us understand more about this Prestashop jackpot module by Knowband with the list of features given below. 1. Admin can use the toggle switch to enable and disable the functionality of Prestashop Product Jackpot addon. 2. For offering free jackpot products, admin can choose particular products or complete category from the backend of Prestashop customer jackpot addon. 3. With Prestashop free gift addon, admin can exclude selected products from the jackpot game. 4. Using Prestashop Product Jackpot module, admin can choose the desired jackpot module layout out of two available options: Slider or popup.

  3. 5. The layout preview option provided by Prestashop jackpot addon helps the admin in previewing the changes done in the front end appearance of the module.

  4. 6. With Prestashop freebie addon, admin can change the button text color and background color. The two buttons featured by the module include jackpot button and slot button. 7. Admin can also set the coupon validity period using this Prestashop freebie addon by Knowband. 8. The cookie expiry option for Prestashop jackpot addon can also be modified using this Prestashop module. 9. Prestashop customer jackpot addon provides an interactive and mobile responsive interface to the users. 10. Prestashop Product Jackpot addon compatible. 11. The store merchants can configure the email sent to the customers on winning a jackpot product. The email specifies the jackpot offer details and its cupon validity. is multi-lingual and multi-store

  5. 12. Free Jackpot products compel the new customer to play and get lucky by winning a jackpot product from the Prestashop store. 13. Prestashop gift module by Knowband helps the admin in boosting their store conversions and retention rates for the website. Prestashop Product Jackpot addon link User Manual Admin Demo Front Demo Product Purchase Link Watch video tutorial