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pvc fittings

pvc fittings

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pvc fittings

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  1. Anton, Sri Lanka's largest plastic manufacturer has been in service for the last 60 years for the Sri Lankan people

  2. Hot and Cold Liquid Transportation Heat and Sound Insulation Home Consumables Access Systems ANTON PRODUCTS Interior Electrical Accessories Utility Products Special Products

  3. ANTON PRODUCTS Hot and Cold Liquid Transportation Anton PVC pipes and fittings make liquid transportation a breeze. It does not matter whether it’s hot or cold because Anton has a wide range of strong and dependable PVC pipes and fittings that can handle the passage of any kind of liquid. A complete range of PVC pipes and fittings are also available for portable cold water supplies and waste discharge systems. This includes sewerage fittings and a waste water recycling option. Anton Ultima CPVC pipes and fittings provide a range of hot and cold water, and industrial liquid handling systems that have been designed under strict quality control procedures. Engineered to international standards, each item bears the brand name of consistent superior quality from one of the leading plastic manufacturers in Sri Lanka. - See more at: Electrical Accessories Anton UPVC conduit and PVC trunking are reliable and safe for use in your home or office. Manufactured with high quality plastic material, both the PVC conduit and PVC trunking have been designed to international safety standards and provide shock proof channels for electrical wiring, while keeping wires neatly and safely out of harm’s way. The Anton PVC conduit and PVC trunking are essential high-quality products that will guaranteed the success of any electrical wiring venture. - See more at:

  4. Heat and Sound Insulation Anton, one of the leading plastic manufacturers in Sri Lanka has pioneered heat and sound insulation through the production of a high standard EPE foam insulation material, under the brand name POLAR. POLAR is effective in a temperature range of 65°C to 80° C and is non-reactive and non-absorbent. It’s the perfect heat and sound insulation solution for modern buildings and is suitable for wall and ceiling cladding. It continues to gain market share within the plastic industry in Sri Lanka. Ideal as a plastic building material, it is available in aesthetically pleasing forms. Developed by the plastic industry in Sri Lanka, POLAR is cost effective and is not hazardous to the environment. - See more at: Home Consumables Bring colour, convenience and style to your life with Anton plastic ware. As one of the leading plastic manufacturers in Sri Lanka, strength and durability are synonymous with the Anton brand. Each product has been carefully designed to suit the needs of consumers. Manufactured with food grade plastics, Anton products are safe for use within the home and add a stylish edge to interiors. Anton offers a wide range of home consumables which are economical and long lasting. These include basins, buckets, chairs, pedal bins, trash pails, plastic water tanks, UPVC windows, PVC doors and more. Anton home consumables are a leading product range within the plastic industry in Sri Lanka. - See more at:

  5. Access Systems Anton UPVC windows and doors are an environment conscious choice because no trees are sacrificed to produce them. These access systems have excellent weather resistant properties and energy saving capabilities. Unlike wood products, there is no need to worry about termites and pests because UPVC doors and UPVC windows are water resistant. Anton access systems are also maintenance free and light and easy to install and use. Because they come in a variety of attractive colours, Anton UPVC windows and UPVC doors can easily match interiors to provide a stylish finish to your home or office. Anton was the first plastic manufacturer in Sri Lanka to introduce UPVC windows and UPVC doors which are easy and convenient to use. - See more at: Interior Enhance your home or office with Anton ceiling cladding and moulding. These add elegance and style to interiors and light up dull areas making them more attractive and comfortable. Anton wall and ceiling cladding bring a modern touch to interiors and are available in aesthetically pleasing designs. Made with strong, durable plastic building materials, Anton wall and ceiling cladding come in several colours to match your interiors and enhance your lifestyle. These will provide the ideal camouflage for PVC trunking and PVC conduit. Anton wall and ceiling cladding is one of the leading interior specialisations pioneered by the plastics industry in Sri Lanka. - See more at:

  6. Utility Products Special Products A wide range of utility products are made available under the NETZ brand. Manufactured with high strength polymer, its inherent chemical inertness makes the material ideal for ground engineering applications. NETZ netting has a wide range of uses. In its varying mesh forms, it is used for the treatment of soft foundations, reinforcement of road beds, protection of side slopes and reservoirs, and fencing and protection of various facilities. NETZ netting and mesh products are extensively used in sports centers, bird and poultry applications and more. NETZ is the leading netting brand in the plastic industry in Sri Lanka. - See more at: Anton,the Sri Lankan leader in water transport technology and Canadian Clear the global pioneer in water treatment and purification have teamed up to give you the latest in Water Recycling, Waste Water Treatment, Water Purification and Desalination Technologies. With 40 years of experience and expertise, the Candian Clear group uses a cutting-edge technology to help your business run clean. From resorts to bottling plants to condominium projects, we have the water treatment solution for your business. - See more at:

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