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Latest ecommerce Technology Trends PowerPoint Presentation
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Latest ecommerce Technology Trends

Latest ecommerce Technology Trends

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Latest ecommerce Technology Trends

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  1. Angular.JS vs React.JS Guru Technolabs |

  2. Introduction • The eCommerce industry is reaching new heights over the last few years. Nowadays, the eCommerce sector adopts new technology & marketing strategy to make the online purchase more convenient, enjoyable & secure. So these type of innovations takes eCommerce industry on advance level. • Here in this presentation, we will discuss all the latest trends of eCommerce that will change the way of online shopping. Guru Technolabs |

  3. Augmented Reality • Augmented reality has transformed online shopping for users by decreasing hesitation. Now, the online user has the choice to check a particular product before they decide to purchase the product. • For instance, in clothing, a user can check how a particular cloth looks on them. Guru Technolabs |

  4. 2) Contextual & Programmatic Advertising • The trend of integrating contextual and programmatic ads into the market enhancing every year. Here, programmatic advertising is mainly useful for attracting the correct audience at the right time. Moreover, this type of advertisement is used for an eCommerce business to target a bigger audience. Guru Technolabs |

  5. 3) Use of Voice Search : • Nowadays, people have started consuming intelligent virtual assistants like Alexa, Cortana, etc. for voice search. Moreover, the trend of voice search is going to reach new heights in the coming years. • Voice search is the best practice for those users who use their mobile phones for access a website or app. Guru Technolabs |

  6. 4) Marketing Automation : • The demand for marketing automation is growing every year. Previously, email marketing and social media posts were only considered in marketing automation. However, now new things are introduced like customized landing pages and attractive shopping carts. • Besides this, you can also integrate things such as personalized emails, retargeting, etc. Guru Technolabs |

  7. 5) Usage of Blockchain Technology : • Blockchain technology has come into the radar of eCommerce industry lately; however, it is expected that soon various eCommerce businesses can adopt this technology due to its amazing benefits. • The main benefit of blockchain technology is that it helps to verify the origin of the product. Also, it helps users to identify all the products that are new and build with quality elements. Hence, they can make better choices while purchasing products. Guru Technolabs |

  8. 6) Adoptable Payment Options : • When you are selling a product online like in the eCommerce store, then it will be challenging to convert new visitors into customers. So as per the latest eCommerce 2020 trend , offering flexible payment options like affirm, afterpay, and final will be beneficial Guru Technolabs |

  9. Conclusion • We hope that you have understood some of the trending eCommerce trends. You can implement any of the trends in your eCommerce store considering the user behavior and the industry requirements. • Apart from this, there are many other eCommerce trends available in the market. • To know more, refer this blog on latest eCommerce trends. • By integrating the best eCommerce trends as per the requirement, you will be able to take your eCommerce store to new level. Guru Technolabs |

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