uses and benefits of mild steel ducts n.
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Uses and Benefits of Mild Steel Ducts PowerPoint Presentation
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Uses and Benefits of Mild Steel Ducts

Uses and Benefits of Mild Steel Ducts

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Uses and Benefits of Mild Steel Ducts

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  1. Uses and Benefits of Mild Steel Ducts Mild steel ducting is made from the high quality mild steel which contains 0.16 - 0.29% carbon being neither brittle nor ductile. In kitchen exhaust MS ducts are largely used owing to its inherently fire resistant characteristic which can be further enhanced by Fire Rated Spray Coat or painted with multiple coats of Red Oxide. Mild steel is made in a similar manner to other carbon steels. One common method is a combination of iron and coal melted together in a blast furnace, then solidified into a rectangular shape. Hot rolling or cold drawing will then be used to bring the mild steel down to the desired size. Mild Steel (MS) is used in each and every general purpose application due to its malleability and weld- ability. Whatever steel one finds in construction, doors, windows, grills, trusses is mild steel. It is also used for automobile bodies, sheet metal applications, wires, pipes, tubes you name anything and it would be mild steel. Advantages of Mild Steel: Cost-effective: Most of the equipment are created using mild steel because it is very cost- effective than other steels. The secret behind its affordability is its carbon content; ranging anywhere between 0.16% and 0.29%, this middle point of the carbon count range means it's strong enough for many jobs without being expensively tensile. Durable: Mild steel has a feature that it isable to bend, stretch and have relatively large forces applied to it, making it easier to form, shape and weld. Recyclable: Due to the magnetic properties of mild steel it is feasible to recycle from the unsorted waste. Low tensile strength: Mild steel has low tensile strength; it means that it will break more easily under tension than other steels. This is a great means of enhancing the strength. Used in the field of construction: Due to its advantageous features, it is used for structural shapes of buildings and bridges. It is also used to manufacture bolts and fasteners as it offers strength and ductility.

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