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Benefits of Registering Company Branch in Singapore PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Registering Company Branch in Singapore

Benefits of Registering Company Branch in Singapore

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Benefits of Registering Company Branch in Singapore

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  2. Due to its fast growing economy, Singapore is becoming the target of future business and foreign investments. Here are a few benefits of registering your wing company in Singapore.

  3. Quick, Easy and Cost-Effective The company registration process only takes about a few hours to complete, if all the necessary forms and documentations are prepared as per the prerequisites. The minimum paid up capital is only S$1.00 and complete foreign ownership is permitted. Tax Exemptions Singapore levies one of the lowest GST rates at 7%, far below the global average of 16.4%.

  4. Strategic Location and World-Class Infrastructure Singapore is one of the fastest developing countries for business, finance and banking and this is the reason why multinational companies wanted to be here at the forefront of international business. They have access to an infrastructure of an advanced telecommunications network, cutting-edge technology, extensive transportation hubs and other first-class amenities

  5. Ease of Emigration Foreigners are allowed to invest and establish their business in Singapore which will add on to the existing world-class talent pool which it boasts. To legally operate a business, Entrepass will be provided for foreigners and successful applicants and their dependents are often rewarded with a Permanent Residence status.

  6. Improved Standard of Living Singapore is a nation with unmatched medical care, living standards, education system and a thriving social scene. They have a very high literacy rate and meets charm that suits every taste.

  7. Thinking to incorporate a business in Singapore? Visit for quick favor on Singapore branch registration. Call: +65 6338 7856 E-mail: