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Buy And Trade Online with KEEMAT PowerPoint Presentation
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Buy And Trade Online with KEEMAT

Buy And Trade Online with KEEMAT

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Buy And Trade Online with KEEMAT

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  1. Buy And Buy and Trade Online with KEEMAT KEEMAT Trade Online with

  2. Britain has been named the world's third largest online grocery retailer with 6.9 percent of the global online market, behind South Korea (16.6 percent) and Japan (7.25 percent). Although only 6.1% of UK grocery sales are made online, 29% of UK shoppers are online before buying in the store, so the e-commerce website's role in driving UK sales is potentially much higher than the figure suggests.

  3. This is where Keemat comes in. Keemat is a Unique online marketplace for food retailers where you can get in touch with suppliers and buy directly from them. Regardless of whether you are a buyer, retailer or purchasing department, Keemat is a unique market where you can contact any food vendor and buy products directly on the Internet at discounted prices. Register your account for free and save time and money when choosing food from registered suppliers in the UK and abroad. We already have more than 2,000 registered customers.

  4. With Keemat you can directly communicate with the food suppliers. It also allows you to place the order online and after the order is placed, it is their duty to make sure that you get your product reach to you in time. Your transactions and your orders are traded with verified businesses. If you want to have a sample of a product then all you have to do is order a free sample. Everything that Keemat provides might seem a little bit extraordinary to you and you might think that this is quite unrealistic and the truth is these services that Keemat provides is truly remarkable. You can also compare the products in Keemat and last but not the least you can also send a quote to all the registered suppliers with just a single click.

  5. As a food supplier, Keemat is dedicated to supporting the independent business owners and traders by connecting food suppliers in the UK and abroad. If you're a sole trader like an owner of a small and medium business like a convenience store, café, restaurant, pub or an event manager who intends to organize an event and simply wants to order food conveniently at a reduced wholesale price or B2B, Keemat is the right place for you. Are you a trade buyer? Do you work as a buyer in food and other industries? Or a Procurement Manager, working for large companies and in charge of managing and coordinating purchasing agents and buyers, procurement agents? Are you a person who works on the most complex purchases for a company? Try Keemat. You won't regret it.

  6. As an Online Food Suppliers in the UK, their suppliers also include Organic Baby Products Suppliers, Wholesale Food Supplies, and Organic Food Suppliers. Keemat extends grocery delivery to London. Buyers and suppliers have a lot of advantages considering that they have Keemat's memberships. If you still want to know how to buy products from supplies work then all you've got to do is create an account, place the order and you'll directly receive a delivery from your chosen supplier. You can WhatsApp us at +447428771225 or give us a call at 02034880658 and you can also mail us at

  7. The British food landscape has not really changed so much over the past decade in terms of market share, but the key players are increasingly dependent on digital solutions to maintain their online and offline competitive advantage. Tesco is still the dominant player in the online grocery trade, which holds 35% of total retail sales. But 60% of consumers have said that they have greater confidence in the Amazon brand compared to the 43% market leader (Mintel, 2016). Interestingly, Amazon also made better on five of Mintel's six brand values including usage, experience, and recommendation, and lost only the total awareness of the big four online grocery stores.

  8. Are you worried that the products that will be delivered to you will be damaged or would probably be in a bad condition or would be close to the expiry date? We usually measure the quality and freshness of products that we tend to choose and the ones that will meet our expectations and this is not possible when we see a product in the product on the internet but with Keemat you can keep your doubts in your pockets. The products that are shown in Keemat’s website are as authentic and as genuine the products can be.

  9. How often do you visit to get your groceries ? In this fast-paced world, Whether you’re a supplier or a retailer or even a buyer, do you like waiting in a queue to buy groceries, most importantly do you like waiting in a long line when you're out with your kids? Don't you want to make the most of your time in focusing on your family and whatever is it that you want to do? Nowadays, you can find anything and everything in the World Wide Web and as a consumer, if you can get your groceries get delivered to you, then what is the need for stepping out of your house to buy stuff for your house.

  10. Keemat as a seller is fully in charge of transactions with the site. Information on credit or debit cards will be entered into secure pages and sent from Stripe using SSL (protected socket layer). This provides a secure connection that allows people to transfer personal data online. To make online payments you need to provide information about the card. CVV2 (Card Verification Value) / CVC2 (Card Verification Code) needs to be provided. These numbers are usually displayed on the card (the last three digits of the credit or debit card).

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