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Myths vs facts about hair transplant

This presentation informs us about the myths and facts related to hair transplant.

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Myths vs facts about hair transplant

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  1. Myths vs facts about Hair Transplant

  2. Myth - Hair Transplant is Only For Men • Fact - A majority of people have been under the impression for quite some time now that baldness is a gender-specific phenomenon and only affects males. However, recent years have shown this assumption to be completely false as it has become clear that women are also very likely to suffer from minor as well as severe hair loss.

  3. Myth - Hair Transplant Looks Unnatural • Fact - Hair transplants are done under the supervision of an experienced surgeon give 100% natural, undetectable results. For instance, the right practitioner thoroughly checks the position and angle of follicles before performing any surgery to make sure that their hair transplant will be completely undetectable when they're finished with it - even after washing or styling.

  4. Myth - Hair Transplant Cannot Be Performed on Older People • Fact - Age is never an obstacle for Hair Transplant. It is possible to undergo a hair transplant procedure at any age under the thorough guidance of an experienced surgeon. It's important for patients suffering from hair loss, to have sufficient growth in the donor area and no underlying medical or surgical contraindications.

  5. Myth - Results of Hair Transplant Are Immediate • Fact - No, you cannot get a hair transplant and change your look overnight. The transplanted hair often falls out after three weeks of the surgery but it also has permanent roots. It takes about 4-5 months for these root hairs to grow back and 9-12 months before they’re at their fullest length, so patience is key!

  6. Myth - Hair Transplant Leaves Noticeable Scars • Fact - In the past, linear scars were prominently visible after surgery. However, technological advancement in the medical field has reduced post-surgical scarring dramatically and now only a small one is left that can be easily covered with surrounding hair. This benefit of lessening cosmetic damage to your skin makes it worth finding a renowned surgeon who will make minimal scarring their top priority for more confidence in showing off your restored hair.

  7. Myth - Hair Transplant is Painful • Fact - Hair transplant surgery is usually a quick and easy process, with most patients feeling only slight discomfort as the numbing agent is applied. After the procedure, you might feel some minor pain from scalp healing, but in general, people report little to no pain during or after hair restoration surgery.

  8. Myth - Hair Transplants Work Best in Younger People • Fact  - A young age can be a disadvantage when doing hair transplants. If you start losing your hair at an early age, more sessions of the surgery will likely need to take place to maintain good results for life. It is always best and advisable to wait until after stable loss has taken place before undergoing this elective procedure.

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