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Hair transplant in Mumbai- Treating Receding hair line PowerPoint Presentation
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Hair transplant in Mumbai- Treating Receding hair line

Hair transplant in Mumbai- Treating Receding hair line

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Hair transplant in Mumbai- Treating Receding hair line

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  1. Receding Hairline Presented by: Hair transplant clinic in Mumbai Call on 9888099906

  2. What is Receding Hair line ? A receding hairline can occur in both men and women, though it is more common in men. Receding hairline is one of the first sign of male pattern baldness. The hairline usually begins receding just above the temples. From there the hairline moves back across the top of the head. It's not always easy to tell that you are losing hair. To access the hair loss you must consult a dermatologist or hair transplant expert. The doctor will go for a miniaturization study to evaluate the scalp condition and reason for hair loss.

  3. What cause a receding hairline? On average, people will shed 50 to 100 hairs per day. Nothing is to worry about when it happens because there is no noticeable thinning of scalp hair. In pattern hair loss, hair shafts become smaller with every new hair growth cycle. Hair loss occurs when the hair growth and shedding cycle got disrupted.T here are many reasons for receding hairline like age, family history, hormonal changes, medications or treatment and lifestyle choices.

  4. Treatment Options If you suffering from a receding hairline, there are treatment options. Depending on the reason for the hair loss the most common treatment options are medication and hair transplant.

  5. Medication If you are in the latent stage of male pattern baldness and discover receding hairline, there is a medication that can help you. Finasteride and Rogaine are two medication available in the market to control hair loss and regrow hair.

  6. Hair Transplant Advance stage of hair loss requires hair transplant to treat receding hairline. The process is also known as hairline reduction.

  7. Conclusion A Receding hairline can be the first step toward going bald. Anyone suspecting that they are suffering from hair loss should research and consult a hair loss treatment expert and should understand what treatment is the best option for him. The surgeon will instruct you regarding medication and identify which treatment will suit you and provide the effective result.