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Using hair fibre is advisable after a hair transplant?

Hair fibre is a temporary way to make your hair thick. Using hair fibre is advisable after a hair transplant? understand how hair transplant work and how hair fibre affect hair after a hair transplant.

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Using hair fibre is advisable after a hair transplant?

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  1. Hair Transplant clinic in Chandigarh Can using hair fibre is advisable after hair transplant

  2. Hair Transplant and Hair Fibre There are several questions in mind about what should a person do and not do after hair transplant surgery. Here you will get the answer if hair fibres can be used on transplanted hair or not.

  3. What are Hair Fibres Hair fibres are small keratin strands which immediately conceal the bald spots by merging with the thinning hair. Therefore, it instantly enhances the appearance of a person by making the scalp look fuller and denser. The hair fibres work by gripping themselves with the original hair strand because of static energy. They stay fused until the hair are washed.

  4. Do Hair Fibers Actually Work? The working of hair fibres depends on the quality of the product. Cheaper hair fibres are made of synthetic material and are of poor quality. However, hair fibres made of keratin are of supreme quality and work effectively for people suffering from baldness.

  5. Hair Fibers after Hair Transplant Surgery? Hair Fibers are a temporary solution for balding and thinning hair while hair transplant surgery is a permanent method to regain natural hair. The procedure includes shaving the donor area, extracting the graft and harvesting it onto the bald patch. The FUE technology uses a microneedle instead of a scalpel. Hence, it is scarless and painless. Since the procedure requires shaving of the head, the person gets even more inclined to use concealing products like hair fibres. It is because of the taboo surrounding aesthetic treatments in society. They usually do not wish to tell about their surgery to others, especially to their relatives and colleagues. But is it right to use products like hair fibres right after FUE surgery?

  6. The trichologists at Hair Transplant Clinic in Chandigarh absolutely refrain from using hair fibres right after hair transplant surgery. The person should let the scalp heal without causing any irritation. Also, sometimes, the wounds ooze a little blood which can cause the hair fibres to stick with them. The person should especially take care of scabbing after the surgery. Irritation to the scalp due to fibres can especially increase the chances of formation of scabs. Additionally, the scalp should be protected from direct sunlight and sweat for as long as possible. However, hair fibres have been reported to cause profuse sweating. Therefore, the doctors suggest to not use hair fibres for at least 3 weeks from the day of the surgery or until the wounds on the scalp heal. Considering the transplanted hair takes 5 to 6 months to grow fully, you can use hair fibres during that period.

  7. Conclusion High-quality hair fibres can be used 3 weeks after making sure that the scalp is healed properly. Hair transplantation is a comparatively expensive and elaborate procedure. Therefore, care must be taken to prevent any complications. If you are planning to get hair transplants and looking for affordable options, hair transplant cost in Chandigarh is cheaper without compromising on the quality.

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