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Chapter Leader Orientation _____________ What every chapter leader needs to know to get started! PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapter Leader Orientation _____________ What every chapter leader needs to know to get started!

Chapter Leader Orientation _____________ What every chapter leader needs to know to get started!

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Chapter Leader Orientation _____________ What every chapter leader needs to know to get started!

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  1. Chapter Leader Orientation _____________ What every chapter leader needs to know to get started!

  2. Welcome! “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” -John C. Maxwell National ASTD would like to welcome you and thank you for your commitment.

  3. If you only remember one thing… Chapter Leader Community Website Resources

  4. Who we are ASTD is the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and development professionals • Members come from… • More than 100 countries • More than 130 U.S. chapters • More than 30 International Partners • Thousands of organizations of all sizes, government, independent consultants, and suppliers

  5. Understanding ASTD Mission: Through exceptional learning and performance, we create a world that works better Vision: To be a world-wide leader in workplace learning and performance

  6. ASTD’s Strategies

  7. What We Do • Provide resources for learning professionals (e.g., research, analysis, benchmarking, online information, books, and other publications) • Bring people together – through onsite and virtual workshops and conferences • Recognize excellence and set the standard for best practices • Voice of the profession • Offer professional development opportunities for learning and performance practitioners

  8. Chapter Operating Requirements (CORE) • Minimum set of standards to help chapters deliver consistent benefits to members • Chapters must meet these standards annually to remain affiliated • Templates, resources, workbook, and FAQs available online

  9. National Operating Requirements (NORE) • National ASTD commitment to chapters • Developed by chapter leaders, advisors, and chapter services staff • Scorecard and annual Chapter Leader Survey • Affiliation agreements incorporate CORE and NORE to establish a reciprocal agreement

  10. The Power of 2 National-Chapter Joint • Joint membership campaign to engage members both nationally and locally • Customizable templates available • Cross promotions for national and chapter membership

  11. Chapter Leader Resources • Who? People who serve as a chapter resource • Where? Where to go for information • What? Programs and tools to assist you as a chapter leader

  12. Who Are Your Resources? • ASTD Chapter Services: Department dedicated to supporting ASTD chapters • Chapter Coach: Your point of contact at national ASTD • National Advisors for Chapters (NAC) • Fellow chapter leaders •

  13. National Advisors for Chapters (NAC) • Volunteer advisory committee of former chapter presidents • Liaison between chapters and national ASTD • Mentors and advisors to chapter leaders • NAC Chair represents chapter interests on national ASTD Board of Directors

  14. Fellow Chapter Leaders • Social networking groups onYahoo, LinkedIn, and Facebook • Chapter leader collaboration portal and chapter leader directory

  15. Collaboration • Share best practices, templates, and samples • Network with other chapter leaders

  16. If you only remember one thing… Chapter Leader Community Website Resources

  17. Where are your resources? Chapter Leader Community (CLC) • Toolkits • Chapter leader position descriptions • Online speakers bureau • Webcast schedule and archives • Resources by leadership position • Link to the chapter leaders collaboration portal

  18. Toolkits (“How To” Guides)

  19. Leadership Development Programs • Chapter Leader Day (CLD) • Programming for chapter leaders at the ASTD International Conference & Exposition • • ASTD Chapter Leaders Conference (ALC) • Annual conference for chapter leaders to share best practices, network, and learn •

  20. Chapter Excellence • Three Categories: • Excellence in Strategic Partnership • Excellence in the Advancement of the Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP) Profession • Excellence in Membership Growth • Compete according to chapter size: • Small chapter • Medium chapter • Large chapter • Cash prizes awarded!

  21. Chapter of the • Benefits: • Recognition on the home page • Cash prize • ASTD Learning System • Chapter of the Month personalized logo for use on chapter website, press releases, and promotions • Submit SOS (Sharing our Success) to share best practices and become eligible for Chapter of the Month (COM)

  22. Program Resources • Leader Connection Newsletter (LCN) • Marketing materials request form • Speakers request form • ASTD conference speaker lists • Free content for chapter websites and newsletters Access these resources at

  23. Chapter Administration and Management Program (ChAMP) • Optional service to reduce administration • Utilized by 52% of chapters • Membership invoicing • Payment processing • Database maintenance • Report service

  24. Web Website hosted by national ASTD Site template Site hosting Technical support Maintenance of national content Optional service to reduce administration Available to ChAMP chapters

  25. Discount Partnerships Discounted printing on chapter leader business cards, office supplies, logo merchandise, and conference call and webcast services

  26. Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP) • Revenue-sharing program • Each chapter is assigned a ChIP code (“CH1234”) • Use your ChIP code on ASTD online store • Find your ChIP code, ChIP toolkit, and the program specifics on the Chapter Leader Community website

  27. Certified Professional in Learning and Performance • Credential that provides a way for workplace learning and performance professionals to prove their value to employers and to be confident about their knowledge of the field • Recertification credit for chapter leadership, membership, and learning programs

  28. If you only remember one thing… Chapter Leader Community Website Resources

  29. Resources on the CLC Include: • Resources organized by leadership position • Key dates calendar including CORE deadlines, conferences, important dates to remember • Leader Connection Newsletter (monthly) containing up-to-date information every chapter leader should know • Chapter event listing • Downloadable chapter logos

  30. Your Three Most Valuable Resources • Chapter Coach • Communicate frequently about your chapter needs • National Advisors for • Your mentoring and advisement resource • The Chapter Leader Community • Don’t reinvent the wheel! The CLC contains many resources, updates, templates, and guides.

  31. Things you can do immediately… • Bookmark the Chapter Leader Community and use the resources • • Read monthly Leader Connection Newsletter (LCN) • News you need to know • Communicate successes and challenges to chapter coaches and NAC advisor • We can’t help if we don’t know there is a problem

  32. Thank you for your leadership! National ASTD is here to support you in your chapter leadership role!