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Ketsaal Retails LLP amazon seller support PowerPoint Presentation
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Ketsaal Retails LLP amazon seller support

Ketsaal Retails LLP amazon seller support

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Ketsaal Retails LLP amazon seller support

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  1. KETSAAL RETAILS LLP “You name it We Do it”

  2. About Us We are amazon authorized service provider having the services to complete ecosystem for achieving higher sales on Amazon. We are good in prepare the best e-commmerce strategies to keep your business at the top of competition. We are one stop solution for setting up, running and growing your business on Amazon and Flipkart.

  3. Selling on Amazon • What you want to sell • What you need to setup • How you setup it • Maintain Reputation

  4. What you want to sell If you willing to sell on amazon then you need to know the product categories and referral fee for Open Categories

  5. Fees – Gated Categories

  6. What you need to setup • There are two types of seller accounts on Amazon • Individual and • Pro Merchant.

  7. Individual Plan (Sell Your Stuff). If you are looking to sell only a few products or expect to have less than 40 orders a month, sign up as an Individual seller with Amazon. • Professional Plan (Sell Professionally). If you expect to have more than 40 orders a month, a Professional account provides you with the tools and analytics to manage your products on Amazon

  8. Payments • Amazon deposits your payments directly in your bank account every two weeks. You can request a disbursement at any time.

  9. How you Set up it • Filling the seller • Add info such as • About the seller • How long this business has been running. • How this got started. • How this shop is able to offer cheaper prices. • How this shop is different from others. • Link to professionally built 3rd party website. • Add FAQs about the shop. • What kind of guarantee is provided. Logo - distinctive and recognizable.

  10. List the product • Ways to list products “Add Product” tool from Seller Central - good for small shops (up to 50 items) “Listings Loader” - adding many products that are already in Amazon Catalog “Inventory File” - adding many products which are not yet in Amazon Catalog “Amazon Seller Desktop” - for offline updates

  11. Product Tool • Add product tool I • Add product tool II • Add product tool III

  12. Add product tool I • Enter the all company details with address. • Enter the correct details.

  13. Product Tool : Add product tool II • Customers cannot purchase what they can’t see. • Vital to increase the visibility of product by following steps shown below. • Specifying correct category (Amazon has extensive categories). • Provide product information. • Item Title: Most important thing is product page. • Add standout features of the item. • Use all available spaces. • Keep it easy to read. (No exclamation marks, no capitalized words, and so on.) • Example: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-910G (4GB RAM, 64GB Memory, Removable Battery, Extendable Storage up to 128GB) • Good product images. • White background, show product clearly, no watermarks, no texts, • Large enough file size.

  14. Product Tool : Add product tool III • Steps to increase visibility of products. • Provide concise description of products. • Too much info will be off-putting. • Max 200 words • Use bullet points (5 points) • High-level details that has broadest appeal. • Example - 15 mega-pixel rear-camera and 4 mega-pixel wide-angel front camera. • Provide Search Terms • Use all 5 search terms • Avoid repeating the words in title. • Enable extra options (e.g. gift wrapping, gift message) • Use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) service • For quick dispatch, customer service, packing, etc.

  15. Maintain Reputation • Building the seller reputation :- Being a new seller, it is important to build-up sale volumes and reputation as quickly as possible • Optimise to win the Buy Box • Improve customer metrics of seller (Customer Satisfaction) • Make use of services provided by Amazon to increase visibility, efficiency • 5 star system 4 or 5 stars (Good) 3 stars (Neutral) 1 or 2 stars (Bad) • Resolving negative feedback

  16. Contact us  B-70, Sector 67 Rd, Block B, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301  8860295941