things to keep in mind when you undergo acting n.
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Things to Keep in Mind When You Undergo Acting Auditions PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to Keep in Mind When You Undergo Acting Auditions

Things to Keep in Mind When You Undergo Acting Auditions

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Things to Keep in Mind When You Undergo Acting Auditions

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  1. Things to Keep in Mind When You Undergo Acting Auditions Getting noticed in acting auditions is one of the most popular concerns for aspiring actors. According to, it can be quite difficult to come up with ways to stand out during your audition day. Standing in front of people, acting out monologues or scenes and performing other talents are also among other things that most actors who want to break into the limelight dread. They also question themselves why they do not get accepted during their seemingly never-ending tryouts for different acting roles. If you are among these actors who are weighed down with these overwhelming concerns and you feel that you are lacking that certain edge over your competition, think about these three important reminders: 1. Speak your lines right. Every audition differs from each other. It may be because of the acting niche, the casting director or the situation that is presented to you. Regardless of how different they may be, the most vital thing you need to remember is that you will be expected to be ready at all times. Speak your lines clearly just like what you have practiced for countless times. However, never ever consider your auditions as practice. You need to do your best to ensure that every line is audible. Some auditions require interaction. Casting directors, casting staff or someone from the crew may read the script intended for the partner's part with you. Do not make a big deal out of this. Just concentrate on delivering your lines with the right kind of emotions. Know more about acting tips in order for you to make casting directors pleased to see your audition.

  2. 2. Be conscious about your manners Never smoke or chew gum. Smoking should be done in the smoking area, so know where the place is located if you have to smoke. Chewing gums is a big NO-NO especially during the actual audition. It is best that you avoid these gums once you are inside the audition venue. Do not pick a fight with other auditionees. You will have plenty of time to interact with your contenders particularly during open castings. Never use this time to bicker or start a fight. You should take care not to loiter around the audition place. Instead, use your time to practice or do some breathing exercises to stay calm. Go to a corner away from other auditionees who are expected to strike a conversation with you. Some of the competitors just want you to get distracted. A few just want to inflict their nervousness on you. Before any of these people could consciously or unconsciously try to bring you down, do your best to avoid talking to them until the end of your audition process. 3. Make your exit memorable Once you are through with your audition, don't forget to express your thanks before leaving the audition premises. Imprint your courteousness in their minds before you leave. Then, sign out on the same sheet where you signed in. This will notify that you have auditioned or else received a call-back from the company. As soon as you are done, congratulate yourself for trying hard on doing the audition. The next thing you must do is to wait for the casting to be finalized. Most casting auditions will not tell you whether or not you got the part. You will be contacted for callbacks or to be informed you got the part by the casting staff. There are others though where you will be told automatically by the casting directors. If by chance you are asked to wait for a callback, never ask or contact the casting director for the result. This is another NO-NO. Just assess yourself on whether or not

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