the grand indian route india s hybrid travel n.
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Find Best Travel agency in India for 2020 PowerPoint Presentation
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Find Best Travel agency in India for 2020

Find Best Travel agency in India for 2020

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Find Best Travel agency in India for 2020

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  1. The Grand Indian Route India’s hybrid travel agency! Best trips of Golden Triangle Exclusive trip planners for India (no fixed departures)! We craft itineraries based on your dreams, interest and budget! Introduction to best trip of golden triangle tour:- Visit India at a glance and travel to the star destination of the nation in a trip filled with on -roading and off-roading experiences. Get the best of culture hues and bathe in the finesse of the beautifully crafted structures as a tribute to the plush heritage of this sanctuary. Golden Triangle tour is the most amazing amalgam of architectural marvels, religious hubs and of course culture. This most widely popular trip of all wins hearts and love of travelers from around the globe. As the name suggests, this tour kick-start from Delhi and makes a travel triangle while featuring the Taj Mahal, the Golden temple, and palaces of Jaipur in the due course. Did that push your excitement buttons in any way? Yes? Well, then brace your heart because this excitement is just going to elevate the moment you will land in Delhi. So, are you up for that? Very well, then. Golden triangle tour is the superb and amazing trips in India. Visitors come across the globe to see the beautiful inheritance these unique and amazing architectures situated in the different states. This golden triangle tour will take you to the most amazing and top visited cubs and marvel architecture which makes india more visited and historical country in the world.

  2. The Grand Indian Route India’s hybrid travel agency! This include: Delhi-Pushkar-Jaipur-Agra-Varanasi-Madurai-Periyar-Kochi-Kovalam Iconic Trip to India THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – TRIP TO INDIA Are you planning to make a trip to India? Do you dream of blending the north with the south? Do art and culture satiate your curiosity about your travel? Strangely enough, we have a platter served for you to suit your taste in travel. From sunrises by the rivers to sunsets on the boats in nature, from holy ghats and colors to the calm and tranquillity of plantations and from history so opulent to heritage so colossal, India has it all covered for you. Let the soil of Hindustan embrace your feet while your heart sets on a journey to belong to its colors and the paradox of life. Furthermore, your taste buds are going to be on a journey filled with a plethora of flavors. As a matter of fact, street food or Uber café’s- you can’t miss out on anything.

  3. The Grand Indian Route India’s hybrid travel agency! Delhi-Agra-Fatehpur Sikri-Jaipur-Delhi The Golden Triangle India THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE TOUR TO INDIA, AN OPULENT TRIO THROUGH TIME India with its extraordinary wealth in culture and splendid architecture offers more than an experience of a lifetime. It offers you a journey through time with the marvel named Golden Triangle India. The three cities namely Delhi, Agra and Jaipur or more so “The Golden Triangle” boasts of ever so rich history and culture. Situated in the Northwestern part of the country these three cities are connected by excellent road and railway links. This triangle luxuriates in being called “golden” because of the mindbogglingly rich myriad of hues and colors that it has got to offer to the world.

  4. The Grand Indian Route India’s hybrid travel agency! New Delhi-Mandawa-Jaipur-Ranthambore-Agra-New Delhi Golden Triangle with Wildlife THE MAJESTIC GOLDEN TRIANGLE INDIA TOUR “EXTENDED TOUR COVERING MANDAWA AND RANTHAMBORE” If it’s the Golden triangle India tour, it’s all about heaps and heaps of history. Moreover, the rich cultures and traditions radiating from every nook and cranny of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur along with Mandawa and Ranthambore will be the answer to all your curiosities. From the subtle folk musicians to rich and robust forts, you’ll indulge in all on your golden triangle India tour. Be that as it may, it’s an understatement that this travel will be etched into your minds for a lifetime. Peeps, the roots of India and the raw and bizarre life of the streets will seep into your skin and mark you for a lifetime.

  5. The Grand Indian Route India’s hybrid travel agency! Delhi-Pushkar-Jaipur-Agra-Varanasi-Kolkata Discover North India EXPLORE NORTH INDIA Take a walk in incredible Hindustan to explore North India. The roots and the smiles of the people will bind you to it and make you never want to leave. Are you a history buff? Do art and culture captivate your soul? Well, North India has a lot more than that in store for you. From mouthwatering “lucchis” to lip-smacking “Chola Bhatura” this is your golden chance to dive right in. Oh, the bliss is incomparable. It’s only fair that you don’t believe. Because we’ll put it all right on a platter for you. Yes, promise.

  6. The Grand Indian Route India’s hybrid travel agency! Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Bikaner-Jodhpur-Jaisalmer-Udaipur Rajasthan Adventure INDIA RAJASTHAN TOUR – A BREEZY AFFAIR India is a cradle of opulent culture and even richer traditions and if “India Rajasthan tour” cannot justify it, we don’t know what can. From the stories of past to the rocks of the present and the promises for the future, Rajasthan holds it all. The stunning seven –Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Udaipur brag about an immense store of travel and curious surprises. Travelers from all over the world mark them on their bucket list. Come to be a part of this journey through time and back. Let the gold of India shine brightly in your eyes.

  7. The Grand Indian Route India’s hybrid travel agency! Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Jodhpur-Udaipur Delhi to Rajasthan Adventure CLASSIC RAJASTHAN TOUR TO INDIA The Fascinating circle of Five India for its opulent culture and an even richer history is bound to be on your travel bucket list. You cannot even deny when we point that out, now can you? Time and again The Golden Bird has kept its promise to be the ultimate alchemist when it comes to its history. The five splendid cities namely – Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur have been the talk of the travelers worldwide. Shining in the northwestern part of the country these cities luxuriate with an incredible connection through the best of road and air networks. There’s no end to the surprises and the vibrancy that these cities hold for you. Brace yourselves for a journey through time and royalty. Along with that there’re top destination here to visit just like -Agra Agra came up smelling roses on the golden -Jaisalmer

  8. The Grand Indian Route India’s hybrid travel agency! A mirage of history, home to the desert -Jaipur Window to the loyalty in India -Rajasthan Drown in the color and culture of India So, the above destination is the top famous and most visited destination as per visitor in India. Every tour to a specific places contains lots of funny and adventures experience while traveling to on road and off road in bus. In the golden triangle tour, you will have a quick look at the culture, tradition and living lifestyle of different states. Every destination has some authentic and realistic and real-time adventure. We’re at the grand indian route hoping you to feel thrilled and smiling with us within your favorite trip. Thus, we’ve affordable accommodation and local area expert team to ensure the fun, and thrill on the top places where most of the people go in different destinations. If you’re looking for more, feel free to connect with us below; The Grand Indian Route India’s hybrid travel agency! Contact Us: 9874548884 Visit: Checkout: Survey Park, Kolkata, West Bengal 700075