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Patient Management Software | KSOFTPL PowerPoint Presentation
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Patient Management Software | KSOFTPL

Patient Management Software | KSOFTPL

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Patient Management Software | KSOFTPL

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  1. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower Kanishka has come up with a new IOS & Android based applications called “MeDoc” (for Doctors) & “MeDoc Patient”(for Patients). MeDoc is an enhanced Doctor-Patient Mobile app with E-prescription functionality and following HIPPA guidelines. A great assistant and a good facilitator of communication between doctors and patients. Its a futuristicsolutionthat improves satisfaction of the doctor with its detailed & organized data structure.

  2. Did you notice the surge in digital assistance for health care services? Assumptions on Surveys

  3. Have you ever wondered of handling patients effortlessly? • MeDoc Doctor Your Profile E-prescription(ERX) Your operating location Patient footprint analysis Direct patient management Know your patient better Timely reminders of medicines Schedule appointments Consolidated Doctor-Patient Data Excellent Follow-ups Patient history mapped to all doctors Medical updates

  4. MeDoc Patient What if managing your health becomes so smart and easy? Your profile Real time Health data Basic and medical information Frequently Asked Questions Follow-ups Reports E-prescription Add Family members Medicine reminders Medicines Unique QR codes

  5. Lengthy, time-consuming, complicated & costlyprocess. Maintaining medical documents, fear of damage, loss by natural or manual activities, deterioration, etc. Missing out on medicines, leading to unsatisfactoryresults. CHALLENGES Nonconfidentiality of patients information, lack of trust and reliability. Prescription errorsare responsible for 70% of medication errors.

  6. The best solutions are made with a touch of digital • Enhances physician efficiency, every patients’ information at their fingertips thus helps fast and better decision making • Instant access overall the required documents, maintaining confidentiality • Increases diagnostic accuracy, keep accurate and descriptive notes. Fewer mistakes are made due to ineligible handwritings • Direct patient management i.e. Doctors can categorize patients, custom design remedies without investing a huge amount of time. • Analysis helps doctors to know the reasons for decrease or increase in number of patients

  7. Ever imagined of managing your patients on your tablet? Get each patient’s consolidated data Today’s Patient Add/View Patients Home Page Total Patients New/Existing/Repeated Patients Patient Details Basic Info, prescription, reports, info drawings, PHQ-9 patient analysis, medical condition News Feeds & Videos Today’s Patient Add Appointments Appointments View Appointments (Calendar View) News Feeds Videos Doctor Details Basic Info, Qualification, Hospital/Clinic details Profile Edit/View Profile About Us Developer Company Profile Contact Us Developer Company’s Location, Tel. No., Email Id Redirects to Login Page Logout

  8. Ever imagined of managing your health so effortlessly during your daily hustle? Follow Up Previous & Current Doctors Prescriptions PHQ Patients Health Survey Details - Basic info, Personal Physician Profile Edit/View Profile Medical – Medical History, Vaccination details Reports Add/View reports (PDF / photo) Prescription Add/View medicines prescribed by doctors Medicine Get medicine reminders Home Page Unique Patient Identity Code along with urgent helpline numbers(police, ambulance, etc.) QR Code Health Real-time data(Graph View) inserted by doctor FAQ Developer Company Profile About Us Developer Company’s Location, Tel. No., Email Id Contact Us Disha Guidelines HIPPA guidelines Family Add family members

  9. Doctor scans QR code to get patient’s consolidated data Reports are generated and uploaded on the basis of tests conducted Medicine reminders makes the whole reconciliation process faster Personal satisfaction is the most important ingredient for your perfect health Every time when patient comes for follow up, all data gets consolidated Patient is unsatisfied, visits another doctor for second opinion Patient Reports are generated and uploaded on the basis of tests conducted Medicine reminders makes the whole reconciliation process faster Doctor scans QR code and get patient’s past health record

  10. Connect with us for demo Snehal Umbarkar +91 9004108323 Vinay Vikram Singh +91 9167833457 --------------- Kanishka Software Pvt. Ltd. 202, Crescent Business Park, Sakinaka, Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400072.