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LED Tube for a Longer Indoor Lighting Solution PowerPoint Presentation
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LED Tube for a Longer Indoor Lighting Solution

LED Tube for a Longer Indoor Lighting Solution

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LED Tube for a Longer Indoor Lighting Solution

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  2. LED Tubes are The Most Preferred Way of Lighting Indoor Premises with Maximum Visibility LED Lighting are considered as the most preferable and economical way of lighting the indoor and outdoor products, since there are so many products available that are based on the LED lighting technology, you can install them for the indoor and outdoor commercial and residential places as well. Due to so many energy efficient advantages of these lights, more and more number of commercial and domestic properties’ owners are buying LED tubes that can illuminate the indoor place effectively. If you are among the ones, who are looking for some better alternative in the existing lighting products can switch to these smart and energy efficient LED tubes that are more efficient than the fluorescent lights which you have using from past some time, but still not getting the desired lighting results. These LED tubes come in different sizes and watts and can be installed as per the lighting needs; all the different sized or styled LED tube lights are free from mercury and hence more environmentally safe.

  3. How Installing LED Tubes is Beneficial for Your Pocket? No One Can Beat LED Tubes in Terms of Efficiency The LED lights are powerful lights that use at least 90% less power as compared to the fluorescent lights and hence you obviously will witness a steep decline in the monthly electricity bills as well. Also apart from the reduced electricity expenses, there will be reduced maintenance and replacement bills as well, as these LED tubes once installed, can give you hassle free lighting results for more number of years. If you install 8ft LED tubes among various other tubes, that consumes only 48W of electricity to produce 5800 lumens then you can easily replace them with 120W MH lights to make savings of more than 75% which is a significant amount to consider. Use Them for More Period of Time The LED tubes come with a greater lifespan of at least 50,000 hours which is much more than the incandescent lights that emit glow just for couple of hours only. If you install these LED tubes at your commercial or residential properties, then you can expect them to lighten the place for more than 5 years and that too by enjoying even and uniform distribution of lights that can emit the entire place thus leaving no dark spots anywhere.

  4. IP 44 Rated All the LED tubes irrespective of their size or design are IP44 rated light which is an indicator that these lights can protect themselves from dust-tight and against water-ingress from all directions as well. Since they are IP44 rated lights, you can easily install them even inside the bathrooms and kitchen as well, where there is more chances of water being touched on these lights. Since these LED tubes have no toxic materials unlike the fluorescent lights that use mercury, so there is no danger to the environment as well. This time apart from choosing ways that can result in betterment of yours, do something different and highly appreciable by installing these eco-friendly LED tubes at the indoor places, so that apart from making maximum benefits, you can protect the environment as well, which is most important as the growing level of air pollution is making it difficult for all us to breathe in a healthy way anymore.

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