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Best Corporate Training Strategies to Engage Your Remote Workforce

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Best Corporate Training Strategies to Engage Your Remote Workforce

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  1. Best Corporate Training Strategies to Engage Your Remote Workforce According to a recent research report on online corporate learning, “72% of organizations interviewed believe that eLearning helps them increase their competitive edge by keeping up with the changes in their particular market.” The same study also suggests that “eLearning takes 40% to 60% less employee time than traditional education.” Time and again, we have reiterated the multiple benefits of an online corporate training model. And now, with the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are increasingly leaning toward virtual platforms. Because, whatever be the scenario, knowledge dissemination for existing and new employees cannot stop. Learning and development has to continue if your workforce needs to stay updated with the latest product, service and industry developments -- even when working from remote locations. Of course, digital learning strategies are a go-to method to enhance your employees’ professional development. It ensures a continuous learning culture within your organization. But how can you make sure that your training modules appeal to trainees, located in diverse places? When they work at their own pace, without supervision, how can you ascertain that they do not get bored or lose their attention? Well, our tips might help you with that!

  2. Take the help of webinars and virtual live classrooms Short, engaging webinars, covering a vast range of topics, for both professional and personal development, will go a long way in holding the interest quotient of your employees. You can give them lessons on how to manage their working hours, how their productivity affects the company’s goals and business deadlines, or how to tackle common challenges -- arising from a virtual model. With the correct content, online live classrooms can help your learners to make that transition from passive viewers to active participants. Video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, collaborative code editors, online polls and surveys, live screen-sharing, and live streaming are just some of the ways to enhance the remote corporate training experience. Use Microlearning Microlearning offers actionable information that enables employees to use the required knowledge to solve a targeted issue. This allows them to take instant decisions and helps improve business performance. Microlearning, which segments training into manageable chunks, can also be optimized to fit any screen size. Employees can then access courses anywhere, at any time and on any device. Pick an effective Learning Management System An effective learning management system (LMS) is an ideal tool to disseminate remote knowledge. When you have the right LMS, you can customize your corporate learning modules and give access to resources to deliver just-in-time, on-the-go training. LMS can also help the L&D leadership to identify skill gaps and determine individual training needs. You can then use this data to create employee learning paths, embedded with different types of training models. Wrapping it up Even in a remote model, teams should meet regularly to collaborate on enjoyable online learning sessions. You can ensure that your employees gather via video conferencing or teleconferencing -- at least once every month. You can include activities in these sessions like team-building sessions, storytelling and story-building, quizzes, or games. When you keep your workforce engaged, there is no reason why they will not attend your training programs!

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