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  1. ON Page SEO Mark

  2. Content 内容 • Cq: Content quality • Cr: Content research/keyword research • Cw: Content words/use of keywords • Cf: Content freshness • Cv: Vertical search • Ca: Direct answers

  3. Cq: Content quality • 为什么要花几秒钟阅读你的网页? provide a reason for people to spend more than a few seconds reading your pages • 网页是否提供了特别的,不同的,有用的,访问者在其它地方找不到的信息?是否对比了其它网页? offer real value, something of substance to visitors that is unique, different and useful that they won’t find elsewhere

  4. Cr: Content/keyword research 在写作之前,是否知道用户使用的是哪些搜索词?搜索量如何? Create content using those keywords, the actual search terms people are using

  5. Cw: Content words/use of keywords 内容是否包含了用户实际使用的搜索词?搜索词有正确的使用吗? Just use common sense. Think about the words you want a page to be found for, the words you feel are relevant from your keyword research. Then use them naturally on the page.

  6. Cf: Content freshness 有最近发生的,最新的内容吗? Search engines love new content. That’s usually what we mean when we say “fresh.” If there’s a search that is suddenly very popular versus its normal activity, Google will apply QDF to that term and look to see if there’s any fresh content on that topic. If there is, that new or fresh content is given a boost in search results.

  7. Cv: Vertical search 有图片,视频,新闻,本地内容吗? Google also runs specialized search engines that focus on images or news or local content. 谷歌在搜索结果页的版块显示 images, news, video

  8. Ca: Direct answers 谷歌在搜索结果页显示答案,Knowledge Graph,Featured Snippets & Direct Answers。

  9. Architecture 架构 • Ac: Site crawlability 网站能被抓取吗? • Am: Mobile-friendly 网页是否支持移动设备? • Ad: Duplication/canonicalization网页是否存在一些重复页面? • As: Site speed 网页加载速度怎么样? • Au: Are your URLs descriptive? 网址是否包含关键词? • Ah: HTTPS/secure site 网站是否添加了安全证书?

  10. HTML超文本标记语言 • Ht: HTML title tag • Hd: The meta description tag • Hs: Structured data • Hh: Header tags 谷歌浏览器插件-Chrome SEO Toolbar

  11. Ht: HTML title tag 通过添加指定代码定义网页标题标签。 <title>这是title tag</title> Craft unique, descriptive titles for each of your pages.

  12. Hd: The meta description tag 通过添加指定代码定义网页描述标签 <meta name=“description” content=“这是description tag” /> Suggest how you’d like your pages to be described in search listings.

  13. Hs: Structured data 通过添加指定的代码,让搜索引起读懂网页的内容与结构。 <div class=“product-view” itemscopeitemtype=“”>这是一个产品 <span class=“no-display” itemprop=“ratingValue”>4.5</span>评分4.5星 <span itemprop=“price” content=“170”>170.00</span>价格170 sites can use specific markup (code) that makes it easy for search engines to understand the details of the page content and structure.

  14. Hh: Header tags 通过添加代码指出网页的关键部分。 <h1>我是标题</h1> <h2>我是副标题</h2>… identify key sections of a web page Search engines have long used them as clues to what a page is about. If the words you want to be found for are in header tags, you have a slightly increased chance of appearing in searches for those words. Header tags are useful when they reflect the logical structure (or outline) of a page. If you have a main headline, use an H1 tag. Relevant subheads should use an H2 tag. 

  15. ON Page SEO Key Factors (1) • Use SEO-Friendly URLs 简短的URL, 包含目标关键词 • Start Title With Keyword 关键词放在标题开头 • Add Modifiers To Your Title 标题中加入修饰语 2017, Best, Guide, Review • Wrap Your Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag 文章网页标题添加H1 • Wrap Subheadings in H2 Tags 副标题包含目标关键词, 添加H2 • Drop Keyword in First 100 Words 内容前100个单词包含关键词 • Sprinkle LSI Keywords 融入潜在语义索引关键词(近义词, 同类词) • Image Optimization 图片名称和ALT属性使用关键词

  16. ON Page SEO Key Factors (2) • Dazzle with Multimedia 照片,视频,图标降低跳出率和增加停留时间 • Use Responsive Design 使用响应式设计, 网页移动设备阅读体验好 • Boost Site Speed 提升网站速度 • Use Outbound Links 添加一些相关的高质量的外部链接 • Use Internal Links 适度添加内部链接 • Use Social Sharing Buttons 添加社交分享 • Post Long Content 撰写长篇幅的内容 • Boost Dwell Time 撰写长的, 吸引人的内容,增强停留时间

  17. 参考资料 • SEO Guide: • SEO Guide: Content • SEO Guide: Architecture • SEO Guide: HTML • On Page SEO:

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