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  1. MALDIVES ACCREDITATION BOARD Ministry of Higher Education, Employment & Social Security, Male’, Maldives Presented by AHMED ANWAR Director General Maldives Accreditation Board.

  2. Introduction • Maldives Accreditation Board (MAB) was created by a presidential Decree in 14 August 2000. • MAB’s mandate is to enhance and assure quality of Tertiary Education in the Maldives and to validate qualifications awarded in testimony of educational attainments. A framework was designed and developed in 2001 to protect these qualifications. This framework is called the Maldives National Qualifications Framework (MNQF).

  3. Maldives National Qualifications Framework (MNQF) is designed to • Facilitate development of a quality assurance mechanism for Tertiary Education in the country. • Provide a Framework for recognition of qualifications offered in the Maldives and abroad.

  4. Features of MNQF • The qualifications recognized in the MNQF are classified in two groups: (1) Further Education and Training, and (2) Higher Education. • The levels of qualifications (e.g. Certificate 1 and Certificate 2) are differentiated based on the breadth, depth and complexity of knowledge and skills that are included in various qualifications.

  5. Features of MNQF • All qualifications in the MNQF have purpose and are inter-related to each other, providing for articulation from one qualification to the other by recognizing prior learning. • MNQF provides pathways for life-long learning. • The recommended minimum credit hours and credit points for each qualification are provided.

  6. Features of MNQF • The length of time it would normally take to complete a course leading to each qualification is expressed in weeks and academic years.

  7. Maldives National Qualifications Framework (MNQF)

  8. Maldives National Qualifications Framework (MNQF)

  9. Benefits of (MNQF) For learners • Recognized by employers, educational institutions, and the general public. • Transferable for various other courses the learner may take in the future. • Able to provide greater choice and flexibility in what, where and how to learn.

  10. Benefits of (MNQF) For employers • Assurance of the quality of the qualifications. • Education and training that are relevant for the industry. • Increased availability of skilled and adaptable employees.

  11. Benefits of (MNQF) For course providers • Validate the quality of their courses and certificates. • Offer standard-based training with measurable outcomes. • Provide training for nationally-recognized qualifications. • Transfer academic credits between qualifications and institutions.

  12. Benefits of (MNQF) For course providers • Expand the range of programmes offered. • Benefit from external monitoring that leads to quality improvement.

  13. Approved Courses by MAB

  14. Approver Institutions

  15. Supervision Visits by MAB

  16. Quality Assurance Quality Assurance is provided through the following policies: • Qualifications recognized through MNQF must meet or exceed specified quality benchmarks. • A course leading to a qualification in the MNQF must meet the Pre-Qualifying Criteria (PQC), which sets the minimum quality standards acceptable to the Maldives Accreditation Board.