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Baking Time

Baking Time

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Baking Time

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  1. Heat Transfer Project Fall 2006 Baking Time Baking Cakes of Science By: Ryan Johnson Desirée Wolfgramm John Wolfgramm

  2. Purpose of Baking Project When something needs to be baked and there isn’t enough time to bake it properly what do you do? For our project we found the shortest baking time necessary to bake a delicious cake. We baked four cakes – Each one at a different temperature and for a different amount of time. This was done so that we could figure out the quickest time possible to bake a cake that still turns out good. By shortening the baking time of the cake the baking temperature had to be increased, but to figure out the best time and temperature we had to control our experiments.

  3. A Controlled Baking Environment • All cakes baked were the same • Same brand of cake mix • Same flavor of cake mix • The cake batter for each cake was beat with a mixer for 30 seconds to ensure the same batter consistency • All cake batter was at the same initial Temperature (Ti = 65°F) before baking • The oven was fully preheated before putting in each cake • The same size of pyrex dish was used for each cake • The thickness of each cake was initially the same

  4. Cake 1 Cake 1 was baked at a 100°F cooler than recommended and at a calculated longer period of time. It baked at 121.11°C for 2892 seconds, its final temperature was 52.78°C. Texture: Only a thin layer along the bottom corner was cooked. The rest of the cake had the consistency of pudding.

  5. Cake 2 Cake 2 was baked at the recommended time and temperature, at 176.67°C for 2250 seconds, its final temperature was 57.22°C. Texture: Cooked perfectly. Toothpick came out clean. Tasted real good!

  6. Cake 3 Cake 3 was baked at a 100°F hotter than recommended and at a calculated shorter period of time. It baked at 232.22°C for 1608 seconds, its final temperature was 90.56°C. Texture: The cake looked good. Bottom and sides were overcooked. At the end of the time it started to smell burnt.

  7. Cake 4 (Ideal) Cake 4 was baked at 50°F hotter than recommended and at a calculated shorter period of time. It baked at 204.44°C for 1864 seconds, which is about 6.5 minutes shorter than recommended. Its final temperature was 65.55°C. Texture: The cake turned out to be very similar to the recommended cake, and it was very tasty!

  8. Convection oven Calculated the amount of heat transfer for the recommended cake and found that same amount for a higher temperature Properties for the glass and even the cake were found in the text book Estimated about 25 W/m2K for convection coefficient Calculations