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  1. Absolutism Louis XIV1638-1715 Mrs. QuimbyQuincy High School Sophomores

  2. Absolute Monarchs • In the 1700s, most countries in Europe were ruled by Monarchs • A Monarch is the King or Queen of a country. • Some countries had a monarch who was also supported by a governing body. • In England, the King was the monarch, but he was supported by Parliament. • Absolute Monarchies • Absolute Monarchies are when a king has absolute power - no parliament, or other lords, have much power.

  3. French Absolutism • In France • Louis XIV • Called the Sun King. • Ruled France for 72 years (one of the longest reigns in history) • Is considered the epitome of the Absolute ruler. • When he died, he was succeeded by his great-grandson, Louis XV. • Louis XIV outlived ALL of this sons and all of his grandsons.

  4. Louis XIV • Louis’ Propaganda • The French court was all about power, and about image. • Louis had many paintings made of himself. • Some he gave as gifts to other monarchs. • Louis wanted to show himself as young, strong, and healthy. Why was it important to keep up an image of strength and health?

  5. Louis XIV

  6. Louis XIV

  7. Louis XIV King of France L’etat c’est moi! • Louis XIV (say “Lou-eekat-orze”) was the pinnacle of an absolute monarch. • Using the reading, create a comic strip about Louis’ everyday life. You should be able to finish it this period. The drawings don’t have to be fantastic, but you do have to try! (Stick figures are not okay) I AM THE STATE! Absolutism

  8. Louis XIV - Fashion Icon • Louis was famous for his fashion sense • The French court was considered to be the height of fashion. • Louis also made the high heel popular. • It was sexy for men to have well-defined calves - high heels made the calves look more defined. • It also gave Louis height, so he could seem more powerful.

  9. Versailles • Before Louis XIV, the French court was always in Paris. • Louis moved it to Versailles. • Originally a hunting lodge, Louis turned it into an opulent palace.

  10. Versailles

  11. Louis XIV the King • Louis XIV was the absolute monarch. He didn’t want to share power with anyone. • He made the nobles and aristocrats live at Versailles with him. • He would randomly change the rules of the palace. • He wanted to make sure no one felt safe in their position, and that they were always trying to please him.

  12. Louis XIV the King • Do Now… Writing: • At this point, the Enlightenment is also spreading through France. • How would Enlightenment thinkers react to Louis XIV? • How might things change now that Louis XIV is dead?

  13. Where Else was there Absolutism? • In Russia: • Peter the Great • Was elected Tsar (King), and ultimately became an Absolute Monarch. • Started the Romanov Dynasty (last dynasty in Russia) • Had a violent temper, and would kill anyone he suspected of disloyalty • Westernized Russia - made it more European and less “foreign”. • Catherine the Great • A few generations after Peter the Great. • Was a foreign princess who married a Russian prince. • Expanded Russia westward into Europe. • Made Russia into an European power.

  14. Louis XVI