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Math Flash Measurement I

Math Flash Measurement I. By Monica Yuskaitis. How large is a millimeter?. The width of a pin. How large is a centimeter?. The width of the top of your finger. How large is a meter?. About the width of one & 1/2 doors. 1 meter. How large is a kilometer?. Whitmore. A little over

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Math Flash Measurement I

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  1. Math FlashMeasurement I By Monica Yuskaitis

  2. How large is a millimeter? The width of a pin

  3. How large is a centimeter? The width of the top of your finger

  4. How large is a meter? About the width of one & 1/2 doors 1 meter

  5. How large is a kilometer? Whitmore A little over 1/2 of a mile 1 kilometer Walter White

  6. How large is a milliliter? About a drop of liquid

  7. How large is a liter? Half of a large pop bottle 1 liter

  8. How heavy is a gram? A paper clip weighs about 1 gram

  9. How heavy is a kilogram? A kitten weighs about 1 kilogram

  10. How long is an inch? A quarter is about an inch wide 1 inch

  11. How long is a foot? About the length of a clipboard 1 foot

  12. How long is a yard? About the width of a door 1 yard

  13. How long is a mile? Four times around a track

  14. Written by Moncia Yuskaitis • Clipart from Broderbund ClickArt 125,000 Deluxe Image Pak • Clipart from Corel Gallery by Corel Corp.

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