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Required Information

Required Information

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Required Information

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  1. Required Information Norman G. Jensen, Inc. is NOT a Mexican Customs Broker, we are only providing liaison assistance between the Exporter and the Mexican Customs Broker, and we have no liability for this transaction above those that are defined in our Terms & Conditions of Service The information provided is based on the Fact that the Mexican Importer of Record will give us Mexican Power of Attorney - Encargo Conferido to prepare the Mexican Entry. The Mexican Company must provide us this information before we can proceed with the entry. It can take up to 5 days from the time The Mexican Importer of record registers the Mexican Broker. We cannot begin to work the shipment until we receive the notification form Mexican Customs stating that our Mexican Broker is registered as the Mexican Broker for your Mexican Client. Once we receive the notification we can proceed with reviewing and classifying the merchandise. • Below is the link to setup the “encargo conferido”, • The electronic signature “la Firma Electrónica Avanzada (Arquivos . key y .cer y clave)” is required   • Web site to create “Alta Encarga conferido”: • • To confirm is your client is setup as an importer of record you can access Padrón de Importadores • - Correo electrónico: Teléfono: 01 800 INFOSAT (01-800-4636-728) de lunes a viernes de 9 a 18 horas. Marcar clave 8. If your company wishes to act as the Foreign Importer than we will need to hire a Mexican Shelter Operation – Commerlizadora to act as a go between.

  2. Required Information Mexican Side • Carta De Encomendia – Mexican Power of Attorney • Encargo Conferido • R.F.C. – Registro Federal de Causantes – Mexican IRS Seal • Poder notarial – Proof that the person who signed the Carta de Encomendia can sign legally for the company. • If the company is not registered as a Mexican Importer of Record than you will need to hire a Commerlizadora to act as the importer of record for the preparation the entry. U.S. Side • Power of Attorney • Norman G. Jensen, Inc. Client Information Letter Both Sides • Mexican Company Name: • Contact Name: • Phone Number: • E-Mail: • U.S. /Canadian Company Name: • Contact Name: • Phone Number: • E-Mail: • Invoice • Description of Merchandise • Pictures if possible • Six Digit Classification • NAFTA Certificate

  3. Temporary Importation of Equipment for Repair Projects • Besides the required information and “encargo conferido” we will require a letter from the Mexican Company informing the Mexican Hacienda(IRS) that they will be responsible for the merchandise to be imported Mexcio. If the merchandise is not exported then the Mexican Company will be liable for the duties and taxes owed on the merchandise as well as any penalties and fines. • If tools are being imported we will need at least 5 working days to review and classfiy the merchandise.

  4. Temporary Imports into Mexico When an “importación temporal” is generated, it usually means that it will have to be return to the U.S. In order to avoid making entry or paying duties when shipment is being returned to the U.S. it must be register with U.S. Customs at the time of exportation. This registration form (CF4455) will be used at the time of being imported into the U.S. It has to be registered only when the merchandise is in Laredo and it can only be done Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and it usually takes a couple of hours. U.S. Customs may request that the merchandise stop at the export lot before 2:00 so they can review the merchandise prior to leaving the United States.

  5. Customs Paperwork Review • Commercial Invoice – Must meet Mexican Customs Requirements • Must show complete description of merchandise on the trailer. • Part numbers are not considered a complete description. • Country of origin of each piece. • NAFTA Certificate • Final Destination • CCAT code of drayage company • Firms Code (Bridge where it will crossing)

  6. Southbound Inbond Process Trailer loaded and Mexican Drayage company picks up trailer and Export Documents Shipment arrives to Laredo, Carrier delivers Merchandise with Invoices to NGI Once we have necessary importer information and registration of Mexican broker with Mexican Customs. Merchandise is reviewed, counted and classified Driver proceeds to U.S. Export Lot if CBP does not request copy of AES invoice then Driver proceeds to Mexican Import Lot If the shipment receives a “Red Light” intensive then it Is sent for review. If merchandise does not have Problems ship proceeds to Mexican Carrier Pedimento is prepared and payment of Mexican Duties and Taxes is requested Once Payment is received Duties and Taxes are paid and AES is prepared Shipment delivered to Mexican Importer.

  7. Southbound Registration of Temporary Imported Merchandise Shipment arrives to Laredo, Texas Paperwork is returned by CBP We are notified and commercial Invoice is sent to us for review Shipment is ready for Exportation CF4455 is generated and submitted To Customs during business hours Intensive Exam NO Shipment can either be Sent to the export lot for inspection Or at the time is exported during M-F 800 am – 2:00 pm YES

  8. Southbound (US Mexico)INBONDS • Inbonds - Merchandise that moves through the U.S. without entering the commerce of the United States with a bond under Customs authority. • When a shipment arrives to Laredo, Texas the carrier will not give us the load until their bond is cancelled. • We cancel the original inbond with another inbond and it must be exported within 15 days. • Merchandise can not be opened without prior authorization from CBP on a blue letter CF3499. • Types of Inbonds: IT, T&E and IE

  9. Southbound Inbond Process CBP works the Inbond and keeps a copy. They return a signed copy to us. Avg. Time 4 hours Shipment arrives to Laredo, Carrier notifies NGJ/DNI and sends Inbond paperwork Pedimento Number is issued for shipment and is attached to the inbond Copy of Cancelled Inbond is sent to the Carrier I.E. Inbond is Prepared with the Pedimento Number and Mexican port of export Carrier delivers merchandise to our warehouse for review and classification This new inbond will cancel carrier’s T&E or I.T. Bond Merchandise is reviewed and Counted. Pedimento is Prepared and payment of Mexican Duties and Taxes Is requested Dispatcher Takes paperwork To CBP

  10. Southbound Process NGJ/DNI is notified shipment In route to Laredo. Documents and shipping instructions sent via e-mail / fax Carrier delivers merchandise to our warehouse for review and classification If various LTL shipments are Sent they will be consolidated into one shipment and sent on date requested by client Merchandise is reviewed and Counted. Pedimento is Prepared and payment of Mexican Duties and Taxes Is requested

  11. Southbound (US Mexico)AES (Automated Export System) • Every shipment being exported from the United States needs to be reported with the exemption of inbond shipments to enable the Bureau of Industry & Security, Customs & Border Protection, Department of States and other government agencies to enforce laws related to the export of good. Also used by U.S. Census Bureau to compile official US export statistics. • Mandatory AES filing for any commodity on the Commerce Control List (CCL) and US Munitions List (USML) of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). • Shipments valued under $2,500 are exempt from reporting. • Power of Attorney is required

  12. AES Export Process Shipment arrives To Laredo, TX AES accepts the transmission & and ITN# is issued. This must Be included in the export paperwork Shipment is verified, Classified. A ‘Nota De Revision” is generated Paperwork is given to Driver and shipment Is ready to be exported Based on this “Nota de Revision” the SED is Generated on AES