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Food Processing Research PowerPoint Presentation
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Food Processing Research

Food Processing Research

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Food Processing Research

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  1. Food Processing Research A brief overview

  2. Palmerston North • Food processing research in PN • Massey Institute of Food Science & Technology • Riddet Innovation • NZ Food Innovation Network • FoodPilot • FoodHQ • FIET • High Performance Plantation Manuka

  3. Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology (Massey Food) Albany Campus Auckland Located in the College of Sciences • ~ 100 staff members • ~ 60 PhD students Manawatu Campus Palmerston North Top 45 ranking in World Significant industry focus Close to here! Singapore Campus

  4. Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology (MIFST) School of Food & Nutrition Riddet Innovation

  5. School of Food and Nutrition A leading provider of integrated research and education in food science, technology and human nutrition. • Expertise areas: • Food bioscience • Food processing and engineering • Food materials science • Human nutrition

  6. Riddet Innovation • Links food industry with university expertise and facilities • Offers customised R&D to industry • Mixes staff and students with industry projects

  7. Food Innovation Team • Product-process design • Solutions to technical problems • 10 team members • Product development expertise in wide range of sectors. Nikki Middleditch Food Innovation Team Leader

  8. Food Innovation Team • Use academics as consultants • Use students in varying roles • Projects usually involve the FoodPilot, but much of the work also uses other facilities Nikki Middleditch Food Innovation Team Leader

  9. Internal network of 4 complementary facilities External network of research, technology, packaging, ingredient, equipment & contract manufacturing suppliers NZFIN acts as a “dating agency”

  10. One of the largest collections of publically-accessible pilot-scale food processing equipment in the world • Red-line facility which can operate under RMP for export

  11. Manufacture samples for further testing • Supported by extensive laboratory capabilities • Shelf-life trials and testing • Sensory facility

  12. One of the largest collections of publically-accessible pilot-scale food processing equipment in the world • Transition from lab scale to pilot scale to small commercial • Red-line facility which can operate under RMP for export • Manufacture samples for further testing, market validation, etc. • Supported by extensive laboratory capabilities • Shelf-life trials and testing • Sensory facility

  13. Case study – large company: High tech novel lipid for infant formula • Background: • Client: Overseas-based multinational • Opportunity: Developing a lipid more closely matched to breast milk for use in advanced infant formulas • Hurdle: Need to produce formula and undertake testing for international regulatory approvals • Project: • Formulate infant formula containing the novel lipid and a matched standard formulation that meet regulatory requirements in key countries • Manufacture 200kg of each in the FoodPilot • Carry out a animal trial using piglets as a model for the human neonate to assess the effect of the novel lipid on growth and development

  14. Case study – SME: Dog biscuits from brewer’s waste • Background: • Client: Garage Project Beer, Wellington. • Opportunity: ~1MT spent grain goes to waste every day • Market positioning: Flavoursome post-brew spent mash with bone liver to create nutritious, healthy snacks for dogs. • Target market: Cellar door and on-line shoppers of fine craft beers • Project: • Development of dog biscuit formulation and manufacturing process that the company could implement themselves • Nutritionally appropriate for a ‘treat’ • Shelf-life testing • Test products for acceptability using Massey’s Canine Unit • Samples produced market validation

  15. Case study – start up company: Alcoholic gingerbeer with a ‘hint of NZ’ • Background: • Client: P&K enterprises, 2 local builders with an export route to Korea. • Market positioning: natural ginger beer with ‘a hint’ of New Zealand • Target market: Korea, 20-30 year old females. • Project: • Development of an RTD carbonated beverage • Simple process (no fermentation) that could be easily contract manufactured • Ginger and lemon, with a hint of kiwifruit, feijoa or manuka honey • Sensory testing using NZ-resident Korean 20-30 year old females • Shelf-life testing • Regulatory and compliance advice for exporting to Korea • Product costed in-bottle for <$US0.90 • Samples produced for in-market testing

  16. Fully accredited laboratory which offers analytical services, and nutrition and consultancy services for food labelling Specialising in analysis of food, plant and animal products we have a range of assays including: Nutrition Laboratory • Amino acid profiles • Fatty acid profiles • Rancidity • Calorific content • ELISA assays • Total dietary fibre • NDF • ADF • Lignin • Fat • Protein • Hormones • Metabolites • Enzymes • And many more.

  17. Can undertake a wide range of human clinical trials to support development of high value food products: Protocol development Ethics and approvals Clinical sampling, measurement and analysis Two sites in NZ (PN and Auckland) International connections Human clinical unit

  18. What is FoodHQ? A gateway to New Zealand’s best capability in food and beverage science and innovation

  19. A partnership Collective Eight research and innovation organisations. Second highest concentration of ag and food scientists in the world after the Netherlands. One door access to multiple expertise

  20. Massey Food Primary Growth Partnership Strategic Research and Scientific Advisory group

  21. Food Industry Enabling Technologies • MBIE-funded research programme • $16.7 m • Six years • Three universities • Three research institutes • Technologies which help NZ make more from food

  22. Project 1 Milk Chilling and Farm Vat • Massey University and U of Auckland • Prepare to move to snap chilling • New farm vat: insulated, no agitator, pumpless transfer to tanker • New icebank system based on phase change materials

  23. Project 2 Rapid freezer • Massey University and U of Auckland • Aimed at sheep milk as example • Slow freezing kills milk • To process milk OK after 1 month need: • Rapid freezing • Very cold storage

  24. Project 3 Meat Tenderisation • Riddet Institute, AgResearch and U of Otago • Turn tough meat tender inside 12 hours • By precise sous vide combined with • Enzymes, or • Pulsed electric field

  25. Project 4 Smoke Generation • Massey University and University of Otago • How to get just the right smoke flavours and none of the dangerous stuff • Jim Jones to speak more later

  26. Project 5 Meat Flavours • AgResearch with Riddet, Massey and U of Otago • Starting with low grade meat materials • Controlled liquefaction to recover meat from bones • Cooking & concentration process to amplify “meaty” flavour • Aiming at 2 markets: • Today – flavouring markets in Europe • Tomorrow – plant protein based analogue meats

  27. Project 6 Fibre Fracturing • Plant & Food Research and Massey University • Make an edible fibre product for: • Nutritional products • To encapsulate juice or honey for spray or freeze-drying • Bakery aid • From pomace left over after juicing

  28. Project 7 Spray Drying • Massey University and Plant & Food Research • Spray dry sticky stuff with clean label • Juice or honey • Normally with maltodextrin (made from starch and imported) • Soon with fractured pomace made here

  29. Project 8 Atmospheric Freeze Drying • Massey University and Plant & Food Research • Dry frozen slices and dices in air at -10°C • Fruit slices, berries, hops, herbs, mussels, glands • In very, very dry air • Cheaper than normal vacuum freeze drying • Better than hot air drying

  30. Project 9 PEF & HPP for Texture • University of Otago with University of Auckland • Pulsed Electric Field and High Pressure Processing • For texture modification • Extraction of tannins from grapes • Soften potato to reduce fracturing on cutting

  31. Project 10 Pasteurisation & Sterilisation • University of Auckland with University of Otago • Use of combinations of temperature, pressure & non-thermal treatments • Eg pressure assisted thermal processing for UHT of lumpy materials • Eg PEF to extend liquid egg shelf life • Eg PEF + pasteurisation to extend milk life

  32. Final Message • Considerable government money to be invested over 6 years • 2.5 years gone now • Still looking for interested companies

  33. Manuka plantations • Primary Growth Partnership Research Programme • 6 years of research: • Can be profitable • More ways to lose money than win • Eco-sourcing popular • Get good advice • Manuka Farming NZ Ltd • Have research results • Consultancy

  34. Summary • Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology • Top 45 world schools of food engineering, science & business • Riddet Innovation • NZ Food Innovation Network • FoodPilot in PN • Food HQ – world class concentration at ag/food scientists • FIET • Technologies for NZ food companies • Manuka Plantations