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Tudor Fashion

Tudor Fashion

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Tudor Fashion

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  1. Tudor Fashion By Ramisha and Cameron

  2. Contents • Poor clothing • Rich clothing • Tudor jewellery • Tudor kings and queens clothing • Children's clothing • Tudor shoes

  3. Poor clothing • For the poor, fashion did not change at all. They wore loose-fitting clothes made from woollen cloth. Most men wore trousers made of wool and tunic which came down to their knee. Women wore a dress of wool that went down to the ground. They often wore an apron over this, and wore a cloth bonnet on their heads.

  4. Rich clothing • The rich were very keen to be seen in the latest clothes and newest styles. Rich men wore white silk shirts, frilled at the neck an wrists. Over this they wore a tunic and close-fittings striped trousers called a hose. Tudor women like flowing , long dresses that were held in shape with a hoop of wood.

  5. Tudor Jewellery • Both men and women wore jewellery. They wore rings, chains, earrings and decorated hats and belts in semi precious stones.

  6. Tudor kings and queens clothing • The kings and queens wore very expensive clothes. Elizabeth the first jewelled clothes and left over 2,000 decorated dresses hanging in her wardrobe when she died.

  7. Children's clothing • Poor Tudor girls wore dark skirts, white blouses and bright coloured waist coats. • Poor Tudor boys wore trousers pulled in at the shin, brightly coloured socks, a shirt and a waist coat. • Rich Tudor girls wore dresses that puffed out at the top of the skirt. • Rich Tudor boys wore trousers that pulled in at the shin, a shirt and maybe a waist coat with gold embroidery.

  8. Tudor shoes • Shoes were made of leather. High shoes were fashionable for both men and women. The toes were squared off and there was braid decoration down the front