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Youth Coaches PowerPoint Presentation
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Youth Coaches

Youth Coaches

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Youth Coaches

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  1. Youth Coaches Better Soccer More Fun How to get started Terry Michler CBC High School

  2. COACH C -- Comprehension O -- Observation A -- Attitude, Affection C -- Character H -- Humor

  3. Making Progress ?? • When the soccer coaches of today tend to teach and coach the way they were taught in the past, how can we expect progress • When many coaches still coach as they were coached as players, progress in soccer does not take place

  4. Gary Lineker -- Former English International • “ We could drastically improve the standard of English football immediately if we made small children play on small pitches with small goals, so that they can be in the vicinity of each other and learn to pass the ball to each other instead of having to hoof it. • They should ban playing on big pitches until children get to 13 or 14. “

  5. Let ‘em Play • We best learn to play soccer by playing simplified games • A mainly technique oriented training cuts out a lot of fun and enjoyment which generally is generated by game playing. • Too much drill is kill

  6. Small – Sided Games • “ In simplified, modified games, players learn to be aware and to improvise, to concentrate and to recognize the situation. • Skills are important , but the value of skill is to be able to use them efficiently in a fraction of a second. • Practices should be one quarter skill training and three quarters applying those skills in endless situations.” --- Rinus Michels – Former Dutch National Team Coach and the FIFA Coach of the Century

  7. No Shortcuts • The expectation of the coach must be appropriate to the age and experience of his players. • The road to success has very few travelers because the majority of them got lost along the way looking for shortcuts. • Playing soccer without thinking is like shooting without aiming

  8. A Time for Winning A Time for Learning • There is a huge over - emphasis on winning at the younger age levels • Teams that are gung ho about winning at the U10, U11 age groups, may be nowhere to be seen at U16 and U17 • When winning is the emphasis at the young age, the short cuts taken are the physical abilities, not skill and technique

  9. Winning vs Learning • When the top priority of the young age team is winning, it fails in its most important role ……. ……….…. player development ……………. • When winning becomes the focal point, it is hard to create a positive learning environment due to the stresses created from winning and losing • The time for winning will come soon enough – prepare the kids to winthrough ……….. ……………. good skill development and ………………. a positive learning environment

  10. Resources • If you need help, find it, get it wherever you can • Bookstores and Library (books, videos) • Fellow coaches and Former players • Older siblings and Relatives who played • Internet web sites (Google: coaching soccer) • Soccer resource outlets • ( books, videos) • (equipment) • Soccer Learning Systems (1-800-762-2376)