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Easy Housing Finance Companies In Delhi PowerPoint Presentation
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Easy Housing Finance Companies In Delhi

Easy Housing Finance Companies In Delhi

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Easy Housing Finance Companies In Delhi

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  1. If you are craving to get APF approvals then our highly skilled and team of qualified professionals help you to get it from various reputed bankers and Easy Housing Finance Companies in Delhi without any hassle. Our main aim is to provide a platform to provide one stop and hassle free solution for all your loan requirements. Easy Housing Finance Companies in Delhi

  2. Easy SME Loan in Delhi Craving to get Easy SME Loan in Delhi to start a small business in this cutthroat business world then there is no need to worry anymore because we are here to assist you. Our team of highly skilled experts tries to bridge the gap between SME’s and several lenders and help them to get the loan without any hassle.

  3. About Mr. Vijay Rai: He is the founder of He is a qualified Chartered Accountant with more than a decade of rich experience in Banking, Finance and entrepreneurship. He is a first generation entrepreneur and has got deep insights into various financial products and policies, Mrs. ShaliniRai: With a Masters in Computers in IT, she had conceived and developed She is having experience of more than a decade in the field of project management, project appraisal, customer relationship etc.

  4. Loan Syndication The process of involving several different lenders in providing various portions of a loan. Loan syndication most often occurs in situations where a borrower requires a large sum of capital that may either be too much for a single lender to provide, or may be outside the scope of a lender's risk exposure levels. Thus, multiple lenders will work together to provide the borrower with the capital needed, at an appropriate rate agreed upon by all the lenders. We have necessary expertise in arranging large funds. On an average we have been arranging funds to the tune of Rs. 1000.00 cr annually. We have dealt extensively with the real estate and wind power projects.


  6. Services • Home Loan • Loan Syndication • SME Loan • Education Loan • APF Loan • Builder/Construction Loan

  7. Home Loan

  8. Mob: +91-9999999999 Tel: +110-145548855 Email:- Website:-