common small business challenges and solutions for a startup n.
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Common small business challenges and solutions for a startup PowerPoint Presentation
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Common small business challenges and solutions for a startup

Common small business challenges and solutions for a startup

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Common small business challenges and solutions for a startup

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  1. Common Small Business Challenges and Solutions for a Startup A guide by Logopro Promotional Products

  2. Capital When you are starting a new business then financing the new business is the most difficult Part. You often struggle for arranging the required capital for your business.

  3. There are various ways for Arranging the funds for your startup Family and FriendsYou can call you friends and family for help. This is best and cheapest way for arranging the funds. Commercial loansBanks are giving loans to the startups at avery low rate of Interest. Angel investorsTable your business plans infront of the investors if they like they will surely invest in your business. Solution

  4. Overview This is the Basic problem with every entrepreneur.. The choice and selection of business is the biggest reason for failure. 2. Inability to select the Right Business.

  5. To Attain!Success. You need to have an Outstanding product and services. Deliver Exactly what You have committed. Word of mouth Publicity Attract new Customers and retain Existing clients

  6. Overview Small businesses cannot survive if they are not Following the cash flow guidelines. If not managed properly then you need to bear the expenses from your pocket 3. Managing Cash Flow

  7. Proper planning and budgeting is essential for managing the Cash flow. Asking for a down PaymentWhenever you receive a order ask then to pay down payment so that you are able to pay your expenses. Ask your client for faster invoicingIbn this Way if the client is not able to pay then you still have the time to pay your expenses 3. Solution

  8. Meet Alberto. Employees are the Greatest Assert for any business so proper selection procedure should be followed. Employees are the one who will make or break the way for your business. 4. Hiring Employees

  9. overview Hire the one that Properly fit the position unless it will ruin teh business. Solution. • Go though The Wanted section of the Newspaper • Sort the Resumes carefully • Call only the Desired candidates • Follow proper Procedure • Give the Appointee training for complete understanding of the Business.

  10. 5. Selection of customers • Find the Prospective customer • Carefully select your audience

  11. The solution If your Product Add Value to the People life then you don’t need to spend extra money on Advertisements. If you have great product people will automatically come to your business.

  12. We hope you’ll use these tips to go out and deliver a memorable pitch for your product or service! If you need any information about the business Promotional products and Giveaways please visitLogopro Promotional Products Good luck!