get facebook fans people who want to make money n.
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buy cheap facebook fans

buy cheap facebook fans

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buy cheap facebook fans

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  1. Get Facebook Fans People who want to make money certainly find out of one or other way of making it, by hooks or by crooks. Few companies came up with the option of buying Facebook likes and fans and allured the customers by showing benefits of popularity and awareness. And yes people started using these schemes like "buy real Facebook fans," "buy real Facebook likes," "buy facebook fans cheap," "buy Facebook fans," "Get Facebook fans." Though this has many advantages as well, there are two sides to every coin. Let's look at the cons of using theses services to buy likes and fan following. Firstly, people who like ur product/page and becomes fans, they would be least considered it. They have liked it just for the sake of liking and did not like it. Secondly, your pictures and posts do not reach out to your true fans. For examples, you just have 100 real likes and 2000 fake ones, that is only 10 percent real likes, your post only reaches out to two percent of your real customers. It mostly reaches out to customers who hardly care for it. Thirdly, the engagement on your page will be extremely low. When it is mostly reaching to fake customers, true customers will be less involved in the activities of the page. Fourthly, it might hurt the reputation of your product. When people who trust the likes on your page come to know that these likes are fake, this questions the integrity of your product. How will these customers now trust your product? This harms the credibility and transparency of the company. Fifthly, Facebook time to time deletes the dormant accounts and the fake accounts as well. A few months back, Facebook deleted 83 million dormant and fake accounts. So the chances are likely high that the money you invest in buying these fake likes and fans, they might go away shortly. Imagine about your posts that had one thousand likes at one point of time, just having 200 like shortly. Sixthly, the visibility of your page might go low. When Facebook analytics notice that your page is not interactive and is short of comments, it assumes that, though you page was once relevant, is now no more relevant and does not provide any interesting information. It will then reduce the visibility of your page to the common public. As such you will see a lower graph in the visibility of your posts and pictures. Seventhly, Having fake followers can also effect the security of your real customers. Dirty minds can target the genuine and honest people by sending them phishing links, dirty pictures or videos or even hacking their accounts. Last but not the least, you are indirectly proving that your product is not worthy enough to honestly generate positive feedbacks, honest audiences, and supporters. Why would anyone

  2. want to endorse such a product then? Isn't it better to spend the same money that you spend on buying Facebook likes and fans, you spend it on enhancing your product and the organization skills.