property management services in killeen tx n.
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Property Management Services In Killeen Tx PowerPoint Presentation
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Property Management Services In Killeen Tx

Property Management Services In Killeen Tx

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Property Management Services In Killeen Tx

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  1. Killeen, TX, March 2013:The real estate industry in Central Texas is booming with more and more people opting for home buying, and renting options. With so many concerns that are associated with such a proposition, a property management firm can help you to get the most economical deal that fits your budget- Lone Star Realty. Lone Star Realty is one firm which addresses all your property management needs through group of dedicated real estate professionals. Some of the services offered by the Lone Star Realty are: Property Management Services In Killeen Tx

  2. Lone Star Realty provides a virtual tour wherein prospective tenants get to see the rental property before actually renting it. The feedback generated is of great help in determining the marketability of each property. If you are renting out a property, Lone Star Realty makes sure that you get the rent on time. This is achieved through a thorough screening of the tenants prior to renting out the property. Verification checks are conducted with regard to income, age, criminal record and other similar parameters. The property managers at Lone Star Realty provide you high-quality property maintenance services. To ensure that the property remains in an excellent condition, they provide routine maintenance to the users without levying any extra charges.

  3. Inspections are conducted at regular intervals of time, usually every 6 months, to see to it that the tenants are using the property in a responsible manner without causing it any damage to it. In case there is some issue, Lone Star Realty works to immediately sort it out. If your property is lying vacant, they make sure to get it rented out with immediate effect. This is achieved through aggressive advertizing and marketing in the media. To know more about the services offered by Lone Star Realty, you can visit them at 1020 W Jasper Dr, Killeen, TX 76542 or call at (254) 699 - 7003. You can also visit their website