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More than Just Lighting!

Quality lighting controls to ensure lighting solutions that help in addressing the above-mentioned issues.

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More than Just Lighting!

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  1. LTECH: More than Just Lighting!

  2. Over the years, India has witnessed an evolution of homes. From big families living together in relatively small homes to nuclear families now living in relatively large spaces. This has also changed the way consumers invest in interiors and lighting. There is a constant search for modern and cost-efficient solutions.

  3. When it comes to lighting, gone are the days when only top hotels or big corporate offices would invest in lighting automation. Nowadays, most homes and offices are equipped with some form of automation. Consumers are consciously investing in automation due to its comfort, ease of use, and power efficiency.

  4. Lighting Then & Now In the past, lighting was a mere solution to the darkness, but things have changed today. It has now evolved to provide for more, such as, complementing the interiors, or to set the mood of a room! Earlier, it was only museums that used intelligent lighting to magnify and highlight the artistic objects. Nevertheless, with the improved house and office interiors, consumers are willing to invest in lighting that looks aesthetically nice, and also in lighting control systems that are capable of catering to multiple needs and demands.

  5. Consumers now want to have features such as colour adjustment which doesn’t just change the colour of the light from warm to cool or transition into colourful party lights but also set the vibe of the room. This enhanced lighting experience is the need of the hour! Lighting companies across the globe are constantly innovating and tapping into the smart lighting industry to meet these ever-changing needs.

  6. Lighting & Health Initially, it was assumed that only certain light rays from digital devices were harmful. Nevertheless, as more academicians and health professionals researched the topic, it was brought to notice that several other forms of lighting contact humans encounter on a day-to-day basis can have a significant impact on their health in the form of reduced vision, disturbed sleep cycle, altered brain activity etc.

  7.  As concerned and informed consumers, individuals have started consulting lighting experts for concerns that reach far and beyond aesthetics and investing in quality lighting controls to ensure lighting solutions that help in addressing the above-mentioned issues. For instance, by regulating the intensity and wavelength of light−and hence melatonin levels in the body−during different hours of the day, smart lighting solutions can help improve the sleep-wake cycle.

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