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Norton Setup download & activate

Norton is a renowned antivirus security program. It is best known for its range of antivirus products which are strong enough to fight against all kinds of malware and viruses.<br>Why Choose Us:<br><br>- Certified Technicians<br><br>- Available for 24/7 <br><br>- Best Prices<br><br>- Free Calls For 30 Minutes<br> <br>For more information visit on https://my-notron.com/

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Norton Setup download & activate

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  1. Norton.com/Setup – Login, Manage Account, Download Norton Setup www.Norton.com/setup - In the digital world where we live today, computers, smart phones, tablets and other gadgets have become necessities. Moreover, the dependence on the Internet is increasing day by day along with the dangers associated with it. No matter how careful and cautious you are while using the computer and Internet, you are not safe from the risks of cybercrime and infections. Threats of viruses and malware are increasing day by day. Antivirus software is an essential tool at present. Antivirus software scans the computer and other devices for infections and threats and matches them with its database of known viruses. If any match is found, antivirus software quarantines that file and removes it from the device.

  2. How to uninstall older versions of Norton or other antivirus software? Norton.com/setup - Before proceeding to download, install, and activate Norton setup on the computer, make sure that no other previous antivirus software installation exists. • Hit the Start button located on the bottom left side of the desktop. • Click on Control Panel. • Once the control panel opens, do one of the following, depending on the operating system: • When the list of applications which are installed opens, click on the Norton software or another security program which is to be removed. • Click on uninstall or remove, depending on the operating system. • Go to Norton Complete Uninstall or complete the uninstall procedure of other antivirus software which is being uninstalled. • Click on Next in the Subscription Waiting Period Warning pop up window. • Restart the computer system. The program will not be fully uninstalled unless the computer has been rebooted.

  3. How to Download and Install Norton Setup? Launch the web browser and go to norton.com/setup Sign in to your Norton account. If you are not already logged in to Norton, then you will get a prompt to log in. Fill in your email address and password associated with Norton and click on Sign In. If you are signing in for the first time after buying a Norton product, or if at any time from a computer which does not have Norton antivirus installed, then you will get prompted to choose from one of the following two options: Install on this device and Install on other devices. Click on Agree & download in order to get the security software downloaded and installed on your device. You can get back to the window from the above step, if you close it, by heading to the Devices tab. Nonetheless, the Norton account interface is very user-friendly and intuitive; hence it features the download option in tabs such as Devices, Services, or Home. Once the Norton software is successfully installed on the device, you will get the Norton downloader program. Run the downloader program, and the installation process of the Norton security product will begin. Click on the user agreement and read it. Follow the on-screen prompts. Click on “agree,” the Norton security product will be installed.

  4. How to Install Norton Setup on Additional Devices? If you have to install your Norton antivirus software on other devices such as computer or mobile, then follow these steps: Go to your Norton Management console on www.norton.com/setup. Go to the Management home page. There, you will see a Download Norton button. Above the button, there will be a button for “Do you want to add more devices?” Click on that button and go to Install on other device tab. Follow the on-screen prompts. This process lets you send the installation link through email.

  5. How to activate Norton Setup? Open your web browser and go to norton.com/setup. Sign in to your Norton account. Locate your Norton product key. If you bought and downloaded Norton security online, then its product key will be in your confirmation e-mail. If the product key is not in the inbox, then it might be in the junk or spam folder. If you have bought a physical copy of Norton product from a retail store, then the Norton product key will be inside the box. The product key might be either printed on a sticker at the backside of the case of the CD, or it may be written on a card within the package. Enter the 25 digits Norton product key in the given field. Click on Activate. Carefully follow the instructions on the screen to complete the activation process.

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