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  1. Microsoft Office 365 is a budget-friendly and straightforward way to get a robust array of cloud Office services along with access to anticipated latest features in Office 2016 desktop version. Microsoft is doing great in terms of creating valuable enhancements on a routine basis, though a few new tools are common and certain modifications are a step backward. Microsoft Office 365 is an outstanding product for a variety of reasons; not only does it bring protection to the network, but it also has a number of apps and services which were explicitly created to help people collaborate more efficiently. Moreover, as Office 365 is a subscription-based service, users receive access to the newest version of Microsoft Office and online applications for as long as they subscribe. – Office 365 Product Key, Office 365 Setup Activation Key

  2. What are the various Office 365 Subscription Plans?Microsoft Office 365 come in a range of various subscription plans, each one of them is aimed at sundry requirements and market areas, and they provide distinct set of features at different prices. Here are some Office 365 subscriptions plans:1. Personal2.Home3.Business Essentials4.Business5.Business Premium6.ProPlus7.Midsize Business8.Enterprise

  3. Whether it is Microsoft Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010 or Office 2007, it is easy to uninstall Microsoft Office from the computer. Follow these steps to remove Office 365 from your Windows or Mac computer: Windows In the bottom-left corner of the screen, right-click on the Start button. Click on Control Panel. Go to Programs and Features. Right-click on Microsoft Office 365. Click on Uninstall. Follow the instructions given on the screen. Mac Go to the Finder. Click on Applications. Select all of the Microsoft Office 365 applications. Press the Control key and click on Move To Trash. Restart the Mac device. How to Uninstall Office 365 Setup?

  4. - Do you want to get Office 365 on your device? The first step to setup Office is to download it. Follow these simple steps and get Office 365 setup. Online Mode Open the web browser of your preference. Type in the URL bar and hit enter. Click on the Sign In button. Enter your correct login details: username and password for the account associated with Office 365. Allow the prompt for providing product key to come. Carefully type in the product key in the window and press Enter. If you do not have any existing account associated with Microsoft, then, in that case, go to Create an Account. Fill up the entire sign up form and sign in to your freshly made account. Browse the list of all the Microsoft Office subscriptions and select Office 365 amongst those. At last, click on the download button. Offline Mode Visit a local computer store or an office supply store which has Microsoft Office 365 in stock. Select Office 365 and complete the payment. Open the Office 365 product kit. Insert the setup disk provided in the box into the CD drive of the computer you want to setup Office 365 in. Follow the on-screen guidelines and download Office 365 on your personal computer. How to Download Microsoft Office 365 Setup?

  5. Windows Open the browser of your choice on the computer. Type in in the URL and hit the Enter key. If you are not logged in to your Microsoft Account, then click on Sign in and enter your login details. Let the Microsoft Office 365 page load. Locate the Install option and click on it. Depending on which web browser you are using, click on the following buttons: Click on Setup for Google Chrome browser. Click on Save File for Mozilla Firefox browser. Click on Run for Edge and Internet Explorer browser. Wait for the User Account Control window to crop-up. Click on the Yes button. The installation process for Microsoft Office 365 will begin. Follow the instructions on the screen. Click on the Close button when done. How to install Microsoft Office 365 setup?