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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hospitality

C H A P T E R. C H A P T E R. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hospitality. 1. Hospitality. From the French word “hospice… “To provide care/shelter for travelers”. Pineapple. Symbolic of… Welcome Friendship Hospitality. Characteristics of Hospitality.

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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Hospitality

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  1. C H A P T E R C H A P T E R Welcome to the WonderfulWorld of Hospitality 1

  2. Hospitality • From the French word “hospice… • “To provide care/shelter for travelers”

  3. Pineapple • Symbolic of… • Welcome • Friendship • Hospitality

  4. Characteristics of Hospitality • Largest and fastest growing industry • Emphasis on service, and guest satisfaction • Product is intangible and perishable • No such thing as business hours • Hospitality operations run on a 24 hour basis all year round • Characterized by shift work

  5. Facets of Hospitality • Foodservice • Restaurants • Bars • Catering • Institutional F/S • Contract F/S • Recreation • Attractions • Parks • Gaming • Eco-tourism • Travel • Airlines • Cruise • Rail • Car rentals • Lodging • Hotels • Motels • Timeshares • B & B’s

  6. Characteristics of Service • Product is intangible • Product is highly perishable • Product is effervescent • Measurement of guest satisfaction

  7. Corporate Philosophy • Philosophy… • Shift towards greater employee empowerment • Strong links to TQM • Service philosophy is a way of life

  8. Corporate Culture Overall style and feel of the company • Mission Statement • Central purposes, strategies, and values • Goal • Broad statement geared towards accomplishment • Objective (SMART) • Quantification of goals • Strategy • Broad definition of how goal(s) will be achieved • Tactics • Actions needed to reach goals

  9. Reasons Behind Inconsistency in Service • Inconsistency… • Education system does not teach service • Little priority to training in service • Over reliance on Technology • Lack of motivation

  10. Sins of service… Apathy Brush-off Coldness Condensation Robotics Rule book Runaround 7 Deadly Sins of Service

  11. Success in Service • Success… • Focus on the guest • Understand the role of the guest-contact employee • Weave a service culture into education and training systems • Thrive on change

  12. Moments of Truth • Examples in a restaurant… • Guest calls for reservation • Guest tries to find restaurant • Guest parking • Guest welcome • Guest is told table is not ready • Guest goes to lounge for a cocktail

  13. Leadership • Effective leadership involves… • Applying your own particular brand of leadership to the operation • Managing change effectively

  14. Leadership • Leadership (cont.)… • Fostering teamwork • Soliciting teamwork from employees • Motivating employees • Delivering on all promises

  15. Traits of Leadership • Traits… • Integrity • Honesty • Trustworthiness • Confidence • Creativity • Flexibility • Communication • Willingness to teach • Motivation • Adaptability

  16. Leadership Characteristics • Characteristics… • Strong sense of purpose • Persistence • Self-knowledge • Always seeks new learningexperiences • Enjoys work • Relationships based on trust and respect • Socially responsible • Takes risks • Sees mistakes as opportunities • Serves the needs of others

  17. A “MUST” for Leaders • Leaders… • Provide clear expectations and standards • Communicate those expectations • Hold members accountable for their feedback • Coach through honest and direct feedback • Recognize, reward, and celebrate success

  18. Service and TQM • Service… • Ensures consistency • Participative process that involves all departments • Continuous process • Should be an integral part of the mission • It’s simply EXCITING

  19. Making it Happen • Happening… • Good Academic record • Resume • Internships • Mentor • Job shadowing • Networking • Work experience • Extracurricular Activities

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