moving from the us to canada everything you need to know n.
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Things You Need to Know While Moving PowerPoint Presentation
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Things You Need to Know While Moving

Things You Need to Know While Moving

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Things You Need to Know While Moving

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  1. Moving from the US to Canada: Everything you need to know


  3. Relocating to a new city can be stressful enough, but it becomes even more of a hassle when moving to an entirely new country. Here there are some important things you need to know when relocating north of the border and moving from the USA to Canada. Introduction

  4. Here are some important things you have to know when moving from the US to Canada

  5. Professional movers can bring your possessions across the border into Canada, to claimthem, The owner of the goods being moved must be present at the Canada Customs facility before their possessions can be cleared ClearingCustoms

  6. Taxes and Duties • If you owe any duties, taxes or other fees, you will have to pay the full amount to Canada Customs before your possessions can be released and delivered to your new home. • Also, note that returning Canadian residents are required to pay duty and/or taxes on any items purchased in the US that have a value of more than $10,000 CAD.

  7. Moving Your Vehicle to Canada • Any vehicle being brought into Canada must consent to Canadian safety and emission standards in order to be qualified. • If you and your vehicle are going to be in Canada for more than 36 months, contact the Canadian Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) • The RIV will need your vehicle’s year, make, model and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN ) to determine its eligibility

  8. Bringing Your Pets to Canada • In order to bring the animal into the country, you’ll need to bring the vaccination certificate proving their status. • The pets like dogs who are more than eight months old, and cats who are more than three months old, must be fully up to date on their rabies vaccinations no more than 36 months before entering Canada.

  9. Conclusion • Moving from the United States to Canada can be a large undertaking. • Still, it’s made much easier when you work with an experienced moving company that understands the nuances of moving between the two countries and can help you handle every aspect of your relocation.

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