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Shade your patio with a DIY Awning! PowerPoint Presentation
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Shade your patio with a DIY Awning!

Shade your patio with a DIY Awning!

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Shade your patio with a DIY Awning!

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  1. Uses Of DIY Patio Awnings

  2. Awnings are basically a type of covering for windows, doors or patio or any part of the building which you want to protect from sun or other extreme weather conditions. They are usually attached to the exterior wall of the building. They are perfect for every type of weather – be it extremely hot summer or chilly winter.

  3. The outdoor awnings come in a variety of sizes and material. Some of those materials include: Acrylic – These awnings are suitable in the places with high humidity as they are resistant to mildew and aren’t easily damaged by UV rays. Vinyl – This material is good for protection from UV rays and mildew but is not much effective when it comes to protection from the humid weather.

  4. Metal– These awnings are not considered ideal as they can get rusted easily. They are also not foldable and need cleaning. a careful The wood and fiber awnings- affordable but maintenance and eventually. The wood can also easily catch fire and are avoided in places prone to wildfires. need constant replacement

  5. Fiberglass- The fiberglass comes in different colors and does not need repainting. They emit less amount of light through them. With continuous use, they can crack or become rough.

  6. Patio Awnings are commonly used awnings to cover the patio or entrance of the house. Whether you have a small or a large patio, there are different type of awnings that can help you relax while making the overall look stylish. The patio awnings are excellent for relaxing in the garden or enjoying the weather. They give a dimensional and spacious look to the area.

  7. Some of the popular styles of the Patio awnings along with their uses are as follow: Aluminum Awning - These are commonly used in the homes for windows and patio covering. They come in a variety of colors and are painted with enamel paint to keep them from messing up. They are the best option as they are good in controlling the heat summer. They are strong and long lasting. A good choice due to their strong resistance in different weather conditions. temperature in

  8. Solar Shade awning - These work with motors and are made with mesh fabric. They help the person to see directly through the rays and block around 80% of harmful rays. They are also good for privacy. Portable awnings - They are affordable and can be easily moved from one place to the other. They offer a temporary solution against the weather conditions. They have foldable frames and are mostly used for beaches or summer parties.

  9. Retractable Awnings-They have high energy cost and are made from different fabrics and materials, usually the one which is weather resistant. Customized Awnings - These are perfect for shops and stores. They can be specifically made according to the size of the door or store and using different styles. Also can be used for balconies and carports.

  10. There are many more different patio awnings which are useful and provide protection from sun, snow and wind. They help you relax and enjoy the outdoor scenery in whatever weather you want, without causing any serious problem.

  11. Luxury Living Direct manufactures top quality custom made Awnings, including aluminium for the frames, quality fabrics and electronics from market leaders Somfy. Each awning is built to fulfil your requirements and delivered to you direct on a DIY basis for self installation.

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