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passion for innovation is prime importance chirag n.
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Passion for Innovation is Prime Importance-Chirag Bakshi PowerPoint Presentation
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Passion for Innovation is Prime Importance-Chirag Bakshi

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Passion for Innovation is Prime Importance-Chirag Bakshi
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Passion for Innovation is Prime Importance-Chirag Bakshi

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  1. Passion for Innovation is Prime Importance-ChiragBakshi Legacyspeaksa greatdealforhumans.Buttocontinuethelegacywithonesallheartis one’schoiceand determination. The inborn drive to dedicate his life to the inherited prestige and devotion to the industry and it’s people was certainly experienced by Mr. Chirag Bakshi, Business and Solution Development head, Hindustan Automation. An extremely proud son and a technocrat at heart decided to take up the challenge of living up to the credibility that his father brought through Hindustan Automation,cherishandnurturetheheritagethathewillfullyaccepted. Ina conversationwithMachineMaker,hetalksaboutthesuccessfuljourneyofHindustanAutomation andhisstrifetotakeittogreaterheights. Couldyou tellusaboutyourassociationwithHindustanAutomation? IcompletedmyBtechinMechanicalengineeringfromDYPatil, Punein 2002postwhichIgotfirsthand experience by working with my father for 5 years. My first big break was working with Kuehne Nagel which is a German company. I worked there as Pan India Vertical Head for Oil and Gas for 5 years and rejoined my family business in2012. During my tenure at Kuehne Nagel, I got the opportunity to travel overseas and interact with global headsofreputedorganizationswhichwasa greatexposurefor me.Igotan experienceoncorporate

  2. workcultureandnetworkingwhichhelpedmetogroommyselfasaprofessional.Theaddedadvantage wastheexposuretoglobalmanufacturing processes,whichslowlygotimplementedinHA. HowwouldyoutracethegrowthofHindustanAutomationsinceitsinception? My father started Hindustan Automation with a space area of 500 square meters in Chinchwad gaon. It waslatershiftedtothecurrentbaseatThergaon wherewehavefourmanufacturing unitswithan area of 5000 square meters and now we are in the process of procuring a land of 15000 square meters for ourfurtheroperations. WerecentlyboughtaplaninChakan. Our manpower has grown to be of 40 people in strength today and we plan to increase our strength soon. Our product offerings which started from a single product, VBF has now expanded be more than 50differentproductsthatarewellcustomizedtomeetthespecificrequirementofthecustomers. ApartfromIndianmarket,HindustanautomationexportsitsproductsoverseasmainlytotheMiddle Eastern countries, Saudi and Dubai being the majormarkets. Whatdrove ColonelBakshitoestablishHindustanAutomationposthisservicetoIndianArmy? My father, Col. Ram Swarup Bakshi after his retirement, founded Hindustan Automation in 1998. He acquired his bachelors degree in electrical engineering from CME, Dapoli and a PG from MCME, Secunderabad. He has always remained an engineer at heart along with being a dedicated Army person. He joined Indian Army’s core engineering group in 1972 as Captain, and served the country until 1996 where he retired as Colonel at Southern Command. During his service period in army he was part of 4 wars, and battalion head of Srinlanka Operation IPKF. He was involved in all strategical and technical decisions of this operation based in Colombo. He was also the hardcore member of Technical Expertise who executed a joint operation with Russia, where Indian Government procured a lot of defence equipments. For his services he was awarded Ati Visishta Seva Medal and a lot ofother recognitions. Soon after his retirement he joined Sortimet as Plant Head in Pune and worked there for two years. While his course at Sortiment, he discovered that the customers had vivid demands and their needs could be fulfilled in a better way. With a vision to give ‘service’ a whole new meaning, he decided to address the grievances of the customers, providing them a satisfactory service, he established Hindustan automation at the age of 58. Later the Indian Government awarded Udyog Ratan Award and Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award for his entrepreneur and industrialefforts.

  3. TheLegacythatyourfatherhasbestoweduponyou,howchallengingandencouragingisitforyou?TheLegacythatyourfatherhasbestoweduponyou,howchallengingandencouragingisitforyou? Iamtheyoungestinthefamily.Myelderbrother,whohasalsoservedtheIndianArmy, nowworksas the Plant Head at Thermax. So the legacy has continuously been galvanized by our family. I started my career at Kuehne Nagel where I encountered with a slew of opportunities to have a successful career butIwasreallydrivenbymyfather’svisionanddreamtoexpand HindustanAutomationandservethe industryinthebestoftheways. To live up to the standards that my father had set was extremely challenging but inspiring as well. His values and ideologies are the impetus that one would look for to prosper in his life. This legacy is the drive and a matter of pride for me. Certainly it is not easy to maintain the hard work my father left back for me. The day before his demise he called a production meeting and imparted his guidance, made important decisions, that kind of a stalwart soul he was. That very commitment is the basic drive that runsHindustanAutomation.Ihighlyadmiremyfather’sprinciplesandsohave adopteditinmypractice. Even after his demise his desk still remains where it was, the attachment is the nudge we all will always needtotakeHindustanautomationtoanotherlevel.Ifeelitis mydutytotakeHindustanAutomationto thepinnacleofsuccess,thedreamthatmyfatherhas always hadforallofusatHindustanAutomation. CouldyoutellusabouttherangeofproductsHindustanAutomationoffersand thesectorsit caters to? Hindustan Automation started with offering VBF 20 years ago and today it offers more than 50 innovative products to the customers. We have customized solutions to suit our customer’s needs. Majornewproductsthatwehaveincludedarealltypesofflatbeltconveyors, inclinedconveyors, spiral conveyor, dockleveller, truck loader, scissor lifts, hydraulic equipments, VRC – good lifts, Robotic equipments and SPMs. Robotic equipments and hydraulics lifts are our latest innovations, which got excellent response and reviews from ourcustomers. Webelievethatourpassionforinnovation is ofprimeimportanceandthatis whathaskeptencouraging us to innovate and expand. Apart from Indian manufacturers, China is a major competitor but we have taken the challenge head and are trying to develop products as import substitute Making in India, and invested a large amount of funds there which is turning out be quite successful. We are working with a lot of Tier 1 manufacturers in India and giving them solutions for material handling and assembly automation. Our solutions are helping our customers to reduce cost and improve the quality and productivity.

  4. We are leaders in Material Handling Equipments, Automation solutions for warehousing, assembly plants and OEMs, catering to all verticals – automobile, pharma, high-tech (high engineering), food processing, bearing industries andwarehousing. We export equipments like Automation vertical reciprocal conveyor lifts (goods lifts and vibratory bowl feeders for customized applications to Middle Eastern regions like Saudi and Dubai. We are expecting to expand our export to African countriesas well. Whatareyourfurthergrowthplans, wheredo you seeHindustanAutomationstobebythe year 2020? We are planning to expand our global imprint which is now in Middle East which will expand to African Countries. We are also looking for collaborations with overseas players who are looking to expand in India including productions as well as sales. We are working on Pan India and have a strong customer baseinNorthand South Indianmarkets.BeingintheWestwehavethegeographical advantage,andby 2020 we will be covering the Eastern market which is a hub of traditional manufacturers. We look forward to inducting more skilled engineers, upgrade our manufacturing facilities, and move more towards customer orientedsolutions. AboutUs THE MACHINE MAKER, an authentic magazine from the house of MART Info media Private Limited with 14 years of experience in Indian manufacturing sector, is all geared up to cover the growth of this new agemanufacturing sectorinIndia withspecial thrustonthemakerswhowillmakethishappen.Read and Advertisewithustobepartofthisgrowth. ContactUs THE MACHINEMAKER 2nd floor Ariana, Bhumkar Chowk, Marunji Road, Wakad Pune-411057 Phone no:+91-788-780-0015 Email Id: Website: