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Signature Stamp

Signature Stamp

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Signature Stamp

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  1. Auto stamper for photo Capture and stamp images with Signature stamp using your phone camera only.

  2. Why auto stamper for Photo • Auto stamper provides the features that has not been offered by any other application yet. Functionalities that is embedded with the application makes app easy and simple to use. • Along with signature stamp, two other stamps that are part of the application are current date and time stamp and GPS (Global positioning system) stamp. • You can capture images with your phone default camera only rather than app’s camera which is most exciting feature about the application.

  3. Signature stamp Capture perfect candid happy moments of your life and stamp it with signature stamp that it can be remembered for life time. This application “auto stamper for photo” provides you the feature of adding signature to the images in just few seconds. It allows you to create personalized stamps of signature that can make your images perfect and add security to it so that no one can steal it.

  4. Create your own custom stamps according to image background which will make your image look and feel proper with the picture. Watermark images just in few seconds like never before so that it can be remembered for life long and secured from misuse. There are many photo stamp applications available but with “Auto Stamper” you can add signature with your smartphone’s camera only. • Select the font color, size, format and position in such a manner that it will make you image proper with your happy moment for remembrance that you can rejoice. • Auto stamper allows you to create your own customized stamp as now a days stealing problem has increased you can secure images by watermarking it with your sign so that no one can steal it. So now no worries of images getting stolen. Capture as many images as you wish too and stamp it perfectly.

  5. Ways to use signature stamp

  6. Adjustable stamp format • You can customize your stamp format as per your preference that will match the image in such a way that it can be reviewed joyfully throughout your life. • Auto stamper is one of the top 10 photo stamp application that you can use to make your photos perfect. Signature stamp is required by many people to add value to their images so that their images can be secured. Security plays important role and so this application provides you the feature of signature stamp • Company stamps are required many a times so that images can be marked directly at the moment it is captured with sign of company and no further editing is required. • So capture your images with Signature stamp and make it perfect for the moment.

  7. Download the application To download the application you can visit play store for android users and app store for iOS users. So download the application right now!! For more information and regular updates kindly visit: