what is mantis funding llc n.
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What is Mantis Funding, LLC? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Mantis Funding, LLC?

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What is Mantis Funding, LLC?

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What is Mantis Funding, LLC?

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  1. What is Mantis Funding, LLC?

  2. If you are a small business and are in need of a microloan, Mantis Funding may be the way to go, Mantis Funding is a private company that deals only with small and mid-sized companies. Like Cresthill Capital, they give microloans to small businesses to assist them in times of need. What they do not do I provide startup cash. If you are just starting a business, you must look elsewhere for your funding. However, if you have an existing business, whether you’ve been in business for several months or several years, we can help you if you are experiencing short-term cash flow problems.

  3. What Kind of Cash Flow Problems Can You Help With?

  4. Many events can cause a company to experience a need for a small loan to bridge a time period of slow business or expansion needs. Sometimes you may simply have an equipment failure, but don’t have the ready cash to repair or replace it. This is where we come in. We will work with you to determine the amount of funding you need and to work out terms for the loan that you will be able to handle based on your prior revenue stream. You can then get a Mantis Funding cash advance.

  5. Why Not Just Go to a Bank?

  6. There are several reasons not to go to a bank the first of which is that their loan processes take time to finalize. By the time the bank has decided they can approve your loan, it may be too late. You have suppliers, various vendors, and employees that have to be paid. If you have an equipment failure, for example, you can’t roll out your product and if you can’t sell your product, you won’t make money. If you don’t make enough money, well, the domino effect begins.

  7. If you come to us for your loan, first Mantis Funding reviews your revenue streams. If you have a steady cash flow, we will then look at your current needs to determine not only why you are having cash flow problems, but also how much you will need to solve your cash flow problems. At that point, we will help you choose which repayment plan works best for you.

  8. The great part is it isn’t a fixed loan with specific payments due. You pay a percentage of your future profits until the loan is paid off. You can either do this by allowing us to take the payment due from your business account or we can have your payment processor split the revenue between what you owe us and what you owe them. This way you have to do nothing. 

  9. Your loan is repaid without you lifting a finger to do anything but monitor your merchant statements to keep track of the payments made to us. Plus, once the contracts are signed, you can get your merchant cash advance within hours. By the way, we take Mantis Funding complaints very seriously. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.