maruse pelletteria showcases superb leather n.
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Maruse Showcases Superb Leather Travel Accessories PowerPoint Presentation
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Maruse Showcases Superb Leather Travel Accessories

Maruse Showcases Superb Leather Travel Accessories

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Maruse Showcases Superb Leather Travel Accessories

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  1. Maruse Pelletteria Showcases Superb Leather Travel Accessories Pagani, Italy, Maruse Pelletteria has wowed the world with its finest Italian leather products that not only showcase excellent craftsmanship but are made of the finest leather in the world. It is little wonder therefore to find connoisseurs of leather make a beeline for the superb products of Maruse Pelletteria that can be utilized to denote class. From leather accessories to desk sets, each product bears the stamp of Maruse Pelletteria, a company that has been in the business for more than three decades. The quality has remained steadfast though with each artisan having at least ten years of experience in crafting leather being allowed to make the products painstakingly, taking every care to maintain its superb quality and classic style while not letting even a slightest hint of imperfection to mar it all. Maruse Pelletteria is now ready to become a globe trotter with you and brings you a number of travel accessories that will showcase your nationality in a very special way. Not only will you be tempted to make use of Italian leather wallets for carrying your cash but you will be so enamored by the look and feel of fine leather that you would certainly opt for a coin purse and a credit card holder to complete the leather set that is sure to attract attention in a big way whenever you attempt to make payments. The leather document holder comes with retractable handles that make it easy to pack when you are hard pressed for time and have to travel with very little time to spare. Keeping all the necessary documents together is definitely the objective but the lovely warm colored holders will make your job a joyful one and you would be loath to remove the documents from its spacious pockets replete with a zip to close it all round. Do not let go of your passport when visiting an alien country. You can trust Maruse Pelletteria to protect it for you carefully by means of a leather passport cover that highlights your nationality in a befitting manner. From black to brown and a luxurious red, do cover your passport in style and watch your fellow passengers turn green with envy. That is not all though, you get an additional space for enclosing your tickets while the leather cover itself prevents your passport from being damaged by rough handling. Maruse Pelletteria will be there for you at all times through thick and thin, whether you are at home or away seeking green pastures. Do get in touch with the company for exquisite leather items that can be personalized with your name or logo. Contact Details

  2. Maruse via C. Tramontano, 62 84016, Pagani(SA)Italy Email-