make your home or office relocation hassle free n.
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make your home or office relocation hassle free PowerPoint Presentation
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make your home or office relocation hassle free

make your home or office relocation hassle free

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make your home or office relocation hassle free

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  2. ABOUT US • Furniture Relocation and Storage Company • State of the Art Infrastructure • More than 18 years experience in Relocation and Storage Service • Strict adhere to quality • Customer satisfaction is our livelihood • Adhere to standards of professionalism

  3. Why to Hire Giffen Furniture Removals? • Furniture Protection • Safe Dismantling/Assembly • Packing Materials • Vehicles • Peace of mind • Furniture Placement • Proper Communication with Clients

  4. Furniture Protection We will wrap all soft furnishings such as lounges and mattresses in plastic prior to moving. This will keep the items clean and dry. All other items are carefully wrapped in felt and pads in the back of the truck. This makes furniture removal safe and secure.

  5. Safe Dismantling/Assembly We come prepared with all the tools needed to efficiently dismantle and re-assemble your furniture if required. We'll disconnect your washing machine too.

  6. Packing Materials We can provide you with all the moving storage boxes, paper, bubble wrap, and tape you'll need for the safe transport of your items.

  7. Vehicles With a fleet of 8 vehicles, we have the right-sized truck for any job - small trucks and utes for tight driveways and basement car parks - big trucks for economy where parking is no problem.

  8. Peace of mind All of our vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking devices. We know where our trucks and your belongings are twenty-four hours a day.

  9. Furniture Placement At your new place, all furniture is placed where you want it to go and the boxes are placed in the appropriate rooms.

  10. Proper Communication with Clients We Communicate properly with our clients to make home, office relocation and furniture removal work hassle free. Also that’s the main key of successful and safe removal.

  11. Contact Us Giffen Furniture Removals Shed 9A , 84 Ingleston RoadWAKERLEY, QLD, 4154 Phone:+61738907011 E-Mail: