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Organic Mattress Buying Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Organic Mattress Buying Guide

Organic Mattress Buying Guide

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Organic Mattress Buying Guide

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  1. Organic Mattresses – The Buying Guide

  2. What is an organic mattress? An organic mattress is a mattress made from organic materials like plants and other natural products. It is a healthy choice to those who does not want a conventional mattress which is made of toxic materials like pesticides, flame retardants, dioxins, formaldehyde and other petrochemicals. Due to the fact that toxic chemicals are widely used by mattress and bedding industries in making conventional mattresses, the long-term effects of them are worrisome, but organic ones are completely eco-friendly for they do not cause pollution even when they’re disposed of.

  3. Latex, Wool, and Cotton are natural materials commonly used for making organic mattresses. Not all termed “organic mattresses” are 100% natural, but manufacturers are permitted to advertise them as ‘‘organic’’ as long as some components used in making them, however, are certified organic

  4. Why buy an organic mattress? Your health Buying the right organic mattress will not only reduce your chances of being exposed to toxic chemicals you breathe during sleep but will also help you to have a more comfortable sleep. The adverse health effects associated with chemicals used in making mattresses is a growing concern and can only be reduced by the use of organic mattress.

  5. Memory mattresses are made with chemicals like polyurethane to increase the viscosity and density of the foam, but unfortunately, the long- term effects of these chemicals are worrisome.

  6. Buying an organic mattress which is made with natural materials will ensure more healthy sleep and gives you a high level of comfortable. The wool used in making organic mattress acts as an insulator of cold and heat which helps in keeping your body temperature at a pleasant level whether in the winter or summer.

  7. Quality Organic mattress manufacturers use natural materials to create high-quality products. Many mattress and bedding companies are now manufacturing customized mattresses according to each consumer’s needs; it allows the individual specify things like the foam firmness or type of latex used.

  8. Durability Organic mattresses have a much longer life expectancy than conventional mattresses. Latex and memory foam create the most durable mattresses according to Consumer Reports, and the denser the foam, the longer it lasts. The natural components, wool and organic cotton used in making organic form are known for their extreme durability, flexibility and long-lasting which means that organic mattresses can last for 20 years or more than inorganic ones.

  9. Sustainability Organic mattresses are both sustainable and biodegradable; the natural materials used in the production are renewable and also have a low impact on the environment. In conventional cotton production, tons of toxic chemicals are used, and this contaminates soil and water. Conventional cotton uses 35% of total pesticide use worldwide while organic ones are grown using methods that have low impact on the planet

  10. Buying organic mattress today will not only be your healthy alternative to the conventional mattress but will help save our ecosystem.