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Supply Chain and Logistics Management Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Supply Chain and Logistics Management Solutions

Supply Chain and Logistics Management Solutions

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Supply Chain and Logistics Management Solutions

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  1. Texas, March, 2013: McLane Logistics Technology is a renowned business solution provider with expertise in advanced management software systems for Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management, Load Management, Revenue Management, Transportation Management and Import/Export management. With successful implementations in United States, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Poland, South Africa and Australia, McLane Logistics Technology has emerged as pioneer in business management solutions for medium to large business enterprises. With powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, the management solutions by McLane Logistics Technology give unmatched reliability and increased flexibility to adapt to business changes. Supply Chain and Logistics Management Solutions

  2. Founded by Drayton McLane, the company brings together over a hundred years of experience and knowledge about a range of vertical markets and offers solutions to distributors to make their business more efficient and help them improve customer service. McLane Logistics Technology also provides customers with world class supply chain applications and systems that will assist their clients in reducing costs, generating more revenues and enhancing customers’ success.

  3. McLane Logistics Technology understands your companies’ unique demands and requirements, and accordingly provides solutions to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your entire management process. The services provided also include Warehouse Layout, Facility Design, Network Analysis, Time Studies, Engineered Labor Standards, Equipment Justification, Efficiency Improvement Analysis, Management Support OptiSlot™ Implementation and Warehouse Management System (WMS) Selection and Implementation. To know more about the services offered, visit McLane Logistics Technology at 4002 Central Pointe Parkway, Temple, TX 76504 or call them at 1-800-989-7568. You can also visit for more details.