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Finding Answers Fast PowerPoint Presentation
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Finding Answers Fast

Finding Answers Fast

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Finding Answers Fast

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  1. Finding Answers Fast Navigating Through Point of Care Resources …and Accessing them with your Mobile Device! Session Presenter: Marcus Vaska

  2. Session Outline • Brief review of library catalogue • Sending a call number to your phone • Point of Care Resources & the Mobile Device • Lexi-Comp (“Improving Point of Care Decisions”) • DynaMed • STAT!Ref (full-text e-books) • Clinical Evidence • First Consult • Natural Standard Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  3. Sending a Call Number to Your Phone via the Library Catalogue • Search for an item in the Library Catalogue (i.e. a book on thrombosis) • Click on the cell phone icon ( ) • In the “Send Call Number to Phone” screen: • Input your 10-digit cell phone number (no dashes, and remember to include the area code) • Select your cell phone company carrier • Type in the words seen in the verification box • Click on the Continue tab Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  4. Defining Point-of-Care Resources • “Resources that support direct patient care, including some Evidence-Based resources” • Source: Point of Care Resources: Health Sciences Library. Upstate Medical University. Retrieved August 18, 2009 from • Resources that can be used to answer a question succinctly (5 minutes or less) Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  5. What Exactly are Mobile Devices? • “a single, portable device that can make phone calls, take pictures, record audio and video, store data, music, and movies, and interact with the Internet.” • Source: One Year or Less: Mobiles. 2009 Horizon Report. Retrieved August 18, 2009 from Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  6. Mobile Devices: What’s Out There • Blackberry • Palm Pre • Pocket PC • Smartphone • iPhone • iPod Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  7. Point of Care: Lexi-Comp • Lexi-Comp provides current, regularly updated information in the following areas: • Drug information and interactions • Laboratory and diagnostic tests • Natural products • Infectious diseases • Poisoning and toxicology Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  8. Access to Lexi-Compvia… • A desktop PC • University of Calgary Library (Online ResourcesL (Browse Resources by Title)Lexi-Comp Online Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  9. Access to Lexi-Compvia… • A mobile device • Palm • BlackBerry • iPhone, iPod Touch • Pocket PC • Other mobile devices (i.e. Smartphone) Please consult for information on how to use Lexi-Comp with your mobile device Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  10. Point-of-Care: DynaMed A clinical reference tool for use primarily at the 'point-of-care'. DynaMed is updated daily and monitors the content of over 500 medical journals and systematic evidence review databases directly and indirectly by using many journal review services. Each publication is reviewed cover-to-cover, and each article is evaluated for clinical relevance and scientific validity. The new evidence is then integrated with existing content, and overall conclusions are changed as appropriate representing a synthesis of the best available evidence. Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  11. Access to DynaMedvia… • A desktop PC • University of Calgary Library (Online ResourcesD (Browse Resources by Title)DynaMed Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  12. Access to DynaMedvia… • A mobile device • Palm • Pocket PC • Windows Smartphone • BlackBerry • iPhone, iPod Touch Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  13. The Mobile Device and DynaMed:How to obtain access • Send an e-mail to • Note: you must send this e-mail from your U of C e-mail address only (registration information is based on U of C affiliation) • In your e-mail: • Include your full name • Indicate that you would like to receive a serial number for your mobile device • Indicate which mobile device you have • For detailed instructions on installing DynaMed on your mobile device, please refer to Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  14. Point of Care: STAT!Ref • Full text (eBook) access to medical, chemical, and pharmacological texts, dictionaries, and indexes Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  15. Access to STAT!Refvia… • A desktop PC • University of Calgary Library (Online ResourcesS (Browse Resources by Title)STAT!Ref Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  16. Access to STAT!Refvia… • A mobile device • Palm • Pocket PC • Windows Smartphone • BlackBerry • iPhone, IPod Touch STAT!Ref is automatically configured for mobile devices (no extra programs to install, no serial numbers to enter) Please access STAT!Ref Mobile via the Health Sciences Library home page ( Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  17. Additional Point of Care Resources(*=available in a mobile device format) • Clinical Evidence • First Consult* • Natural Standard Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  18. Point of Care: Clinical Evidence • Summarises the current state of knowledge and uncertainty about the prevention and treatment of 250 hundred clinical conditions, based on thorough searches and appraisal of the literature. It describes the best available evidence from systematic reviews and RCTs. Clinical Evidence aims to cover common or important clinical conditions seen in primary and hospital care. • “One of the world's most authoritative medical resources for informing treatment decisions and improving patient care.” • Access via University of Calgary LibraryOnline ResourcesCClinical Evidence Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  19. Point of Care: First Consult* • Offers tools for differential diagnosis, evaluation and management of medical conditions, patient education and procedure skills review. It is part of the MD Consult Clinical Knowledge System • Contains over 600 medical topics, 1500 differential diagnoses. Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  20. Accessing First Consult*via… • A desktop PC • University of Calgary LibraryOnline ResourcesFFirst Consult • A mobile device • Click on the “Download First Consult on Pocket Consult” link • The program will guide you through a 4-step process to install Pocket Consult on your mobile device • Palm, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, are the ONLY devices supported (this feature does not work on BlackBerry, iPhone, or iPod Touch) Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  21. Point of Care: Natural Standard • Founded by clinicians and researchers to provide high quality, evidence-based information about complementary and alternative therapies. This international multidisciplinary collaboration now includes contributors from more than 100 eminent academic institutions. Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  22. Accessing Natural Standardvia… • A desktop PC • University of Calgary LibraryOnline ResourcesNNatural Standard Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  23. Accessing PDA Resources: an Overview • From the Health Sciences Library home page, • Click on Resource Guides (under Resources: Medicine) • Under Medicine Resource Guides, click on the PDA Resources link • URL for access for portable devices at the U of C: Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009

  24. The End This concludes today’s session. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you! Marcus Vaska E-mail: Phone: 220-5319 Marcus Vaska, Aug/Sept 2009