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Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition: An Overview Chris Shelley Test Engineer Tablet PC Team Microsoft Corporation PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition: An Overview Chris Shelley Test Engineer Tablet PC Team Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition: An Overview Chris Shelley Test Engineer Tablet PC Team Microsoft Corporation

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Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition: An Overview Chris Shelley Test Engineer Tablet PC Team Microsoft Corporation

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  1. Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition: An OverviewChris ShelleyTest EngineerTablet PC TeamMicrosoft Corporation

  2. Objectives • Provide a feature overview of Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition • Explain hardware offerings from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) • Discuss technical support and troubleshooting

  3. Agenda • What is Tablet PC? • Features Overview • Hardware Form Factors Overview • Common Troubleshooting Tips • Technical Support Overview

  4. What Is Tablet PC? • A full-featured computer running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, a superset of Windows XP Professional • A highly mobile computer that enables new usage scenarios • A powerful platform enabling a new generation of business applications Windows XP Tablet PC SP1 Tablet PCComponents Service Pack 1 Windows XP Professional

  5. Features Overview - Software • Windows XP Tablet PC Edition adds the following features to Windows XP Professional: • Pen input • Ink controls • Gesture recognition engine and APIs • Handwriting and speech recognition engines • Windows Journal • Tablet PC Input Panel • Sticky Notes • InkBall • Also available: Microsoft Office XP Pack for Tablet PC (Tablet Pack)

  6. Windows Journal • Tools permit powerful note-taking ability and collaboration • Six primary tools: • Pen • Highlighter • Eraser • Selection Tool • Insert/Remove Space • Flag

  7. Windows Journal (2)

  8. Eraser Insert/Remove Space Pen Highlighter Selection Tool Flag Windows Journal (3) Pen Toolbar

  9. Enter text into programs and control your computer Tap Input Panel in the taskbar to open Input Panel Enter text in Input Panel three ways: Tap characters on the on-screen keyboard Enter handwritten text on the writing pad Enter text using the dictation feature within the speech recognition component Input Panel

  10. Input Panel (2) • Switch quickly between Writing Pad and Keyboard • Use Quick Keys, Symbols Pad, and Character Recognizer • Tap Send to manually insert as text or ink • Open the Tools menu for additional functionality—including Speech—and advanced settings • Use Gestures as shortcuts • Maximize writing area by using Write Anywhere

  11. Writing with Input Panel • Write naturally • Use the baseline like a line on paper • Do not wait after each word • Use two lines for continuous input • Make sure the insertion point has focus in an application

  12. Use the same way as a paper sticky note Write or record your voice Keep in a single stack Copy into other programs Import or export the stack Drag into applications that use OLE technology Sticky Notes

  13. InkBall • Play this pen- and ink-enabled game • Increase pen usage proficiency • Guide balls into holes using ink strokes • Get the highest score!

  14. Office XP Pack for Tablet PC • Use your handwriting in Word documents, e-mail messages, and more • Outlook® 2002 • Write ink e-mail messages • Insert meeting information into a Windows Journal note • Convert ink into an Outlook appointment, contact, or task • Word 2002 • Insert ink writing or a drawing area into a document • Write ink comments in Word comment bubbles • PowerPoint® 2002 • Use ink annotations during a slide show or in edit mode • Excel 2002 • Add ink annotations to spreadsheets

  15. Ink in E-mail

  16. Ink in PowerPoint

  17. Features Overview - Hardware • All Tablet PC devices will include the following hardware attributes: • Electromagnetic digitizer and pen • Optimized power states • Screen rotation support • Free of old hardware • Hardware buttons for logging on to Windows and doing additional tasks • Support for surprise undocking

  18. Hardware Designs Convertible Models Slate Tablet Models • Docked Mode • Both will enable access to full keyboard, monitor, • and mouse • Both enable multi-monitor configurations • Laptop Mode • Convertible: Attached keyboard • Slate Tablet: Detachable keyboard • Tablet Mode • Convertible: Keyboard folds away • Slate Tablet: Thinnest and lightest design

  19. Acer Aopen Aplux Communications Ltd. Compal Electronics Inc. Electrovaya FIC Fujitsu Fujitsu Siemens Gateway Gigabyte HP Kontron Legend Motion Computing MSI NEC NEC-CI Windows XP Tablet PC EditionOEM Partners • Network Tech AB • PaceBlade Technology • QDI • Quanta • Research Machines PLC • Sharp • Siltek • Sotec • Tatung • Time Group Ltd. • Toshiba • Twinhead • ViewSonic • Viglen Limited • WalkAbout Computers • Wistron Corporation • Xplore Technologies

  20. Adobe Systems Inc. Agilix Labs Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc. Alias|wavefront Autodesk Inc. Avanade BAE Corel Corp. Dassault Systemes Eclipsys Technologies Corp. EDS ESRI FranklinCovey Windows XP Tablet PC EditionISV Partners • Groove Networks • Hanwang Technology Co. • iSoft, Inc. • Iteration Software Inc. • Keylogix International Ltd. • Leszynski & Co. • Microsoft Office XP • Microsoft Visio • SAP • ScanSoft, Inc. • Siebel • Stentor Inc. • WebEx Communications Inc. • Zinio Systems Inc.

  21. Tablet and Pen Settings • Customize behavior to suit your writing hand • Calibrate the screen to increase pen input accuracy • Configure screen orientation options • Additional power management options • Assign actions to Tablet PC hardware buttons • Change pen interaction settings

  22. Tablet PC Buttons • Enable full mobility • Maximize secure computing • Increase efficiency • Optimize personal tailoring

  23. Common Troubleshooting Tips • Maximize battery life • Improve pen accuracy and results • Get better handwriting recognition results • Use what you know: a superset of Windows XP Professional • Stay current with Windows Update

  24. Technical Support • Contact the Original Equipment Manufacturer for support with your Tablet PC • Microsoft Tablet PC Web site • Links to white papers, how-to articles, downloads, etc. • • Microsoft Tablet PC Community and ExpertZone • • Server: • •

  25. Additional Resources • Tablet PC Platform SDK • • Additional Tablet PC Developer Resources • • Office XP Pack for Tablet PC •

  26. Thank you for joining today’s Microsoft Support WebCast. For information about all upcoming Support WebCasts, and access to the archived content (streaming media files, PowerPoint® slides, and transcripts), visit: Your feedback is sincerely appreciated. Please send any comments or suggestions about the Support WebCasts to